Jun 23, 2017


Photo: Ebru Yildiz
(New York) Mass Appeal has shared the second single from Juiceboxxx's forthcoming LP, entitled "Go To The Club Alone". When talking about the track Juiceboxxx said, "“Go To The Club Alone” is about being a pathetic loser sleeping on the floor of a basement and taking the bus to some boring DJ night because you don’t have anything better to do with your dumb life. I also just wanted to make a sick punk rap song. It is inspired by everyone from Cypress Hill to The Modern Lovers. You can change your life.”  The track, along with the previous single "Freaking Out", will be featured on the new LP 'Freaked Out American Loser', out 7/28 on Dangerbird Records.  

Out of my mind but I’m a hell of a guy, I got the PMA, that’s just an FYI / I got a J-O-B and that’s to stay alive, 24/7 not 9 to 5… So begins “Freaking Out” on Freaked Out American Loser, the latest album from Juiceboxxx, the Milwaukee-bred punk rap artist who is quite simply the first and last of his kind all at once. Juiceboxxx grew up in the ‘2000s within the noise, punk rock, and underground rap communities of Wisconsin, and while those banners still fly high independently today, there are very few other artists who not only understand that Venn diagram but who are also actively attempting to merge those sounds cohesively.

Juiceboxxx might be out of his mind, but in all the best ways—he owns it and commits to this unstoppable onslaught of creative ideas and outbursts. Freaked Out American Loser is a punk rap blast that captures the anarchic, aggressive spirit of Juiceboxxx’s live show while also adding a new level of polish, focus, and dare we say, professionalism.

“I’m putting together these pieces in a way I find interesting as a contemporary record, and not conforming to any trends of the moment,” Juiceboxxx says. “I’m looking at Beastie Boys as the Ramones or something, and trying to build on that language; looking at Public Enemy within the lens of punk rock.”

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Evacuate The Earth

(Chicago) It was four long years in the making, but Evacuate the Earth’s second full-length album was released on Tues, June 6.

Chosen by mysterious entities as emissaries from both Chicago, IL, and Milwaukee, WI with a dire message for a world on the brink, Evacuate the Earth formed in 2011 to provide a worldless plea to save humanity. Saxophones and theramins cry above thundering rhythms, gentle please amid violent warnings. Only one way out. Evacuate the Earth. Destruction is imminent.

Expanding on the unique sound that the band developed on its 2013 debut, Evacuate the Earth is a record about exploration. After beginning initial tracking in August of 2016, ETE stretched overdubbing and mixing over the course of many months, spending time with each track to find its most realized form. Not concerned with having to perform exact replications of the material live, the group explored every additional avenue the studio presented. The result is a lush, layered production that serves as a worthy counterpart to the raw energy of their live show. The new album incorporates Theremin, additional percussion (both acoustic and electric) and a multitude of effects units complementing ETE’s core of bass (Dan Kern), drums (Darrin Wolf) and saxophone (Erin Brophy).

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Marcus Paul James

(New York) Marcus Paul James is excited to announce the release of his highly-anticipated 3rd studio EP Paper Hearts. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, James’ new EP Paper Hearts is an epic melding of personal story, rich production, and of course Marcus’ soul-drenched voice. R&B, Pop, and Singer-Songwriter influences flow into each other to create a blend reminiscent of John Legend, Miguel, and One Republic.

Prior to this latest release, MPJ has enjoyed European radio play and Electronic Chart success with his debut 2009 EP Electrik Love, produced by jazz prodigy Akira Shelton. In 2010, MPJ held the 1st and 3rd spots on UK Soul charts for five consecutive weeks, with singles “Wonderful Love” and “Right Now”. Marcus has performed in multiple Broadway plays including Rent, In The Heights and most recently in Motown The Musical. Marcus Paul James is excited for you to hear this incredibly personal collection of songs. Check it out below!

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(Los Angeles) Alé (aka Ale Gonzales Gomez) is a multifaceted, multi-instrumental singer/songwriter/producer who grew up in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles and listened to and played punk, electronica, Latin music, the rock-the whole gamut of soundLA is famous for. He learned how to produce, to assemble a band of outstanding players, and to write and sing in both English and Spanish. Best of all, he learned to attract a crossover audience with music that does more than Crosslanguage and genre boundaries but to form a language and genre of its own. As producer and GM of the Operating on Dreamtime Studios in LA, ALE' is a master of technique and a hub of musical connections. His first album, Irregular Heartbeat attracted listeners with commanding rhythms and melodies mixed with humor and soft croons.

Now he has a new album out, Dimensions, with songs based around feet-friendly beats and self-empowering themes framing up-to-the-minute lyrical themes and Wordplay in both English and Spanish.

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Jun 21, 2017

Tarah Who?

(Los Angeles)The fierce power trio is back with a new EP: "Half Middle Child Syndrome". The Ep was recorded at Backporch studios with guitarist Jason Orme (Alanis Morissette, Sarah Mc Lachlan etc..).

Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals, guitar) has surrounded herself for this new ep with Matthew Peltcher (Bass) and Shaina Mikee Keiths (drums).

The very energetic trio is very excited to introduce their new songs to their fans who love Rock and promises to deliver a very dynamic performance.

The Mind, soul, rock n roll heart beat and operator behind Tarah Who? is French / American Singer & Multi-Instrumentalist (drummer, guitarist & bassist) Tarah G. Carpenter. Born in Paris, Tarah got her first drum set at age 14 and shortly after began playing the bass, and the guitar.

After performing drums and bass in Paris for a few years, in several bands, Tarah decided to travel to Los Angeles to explore the music scene. Tarah answered an ad on Craigslist "looking for an artist to perform original songs at a warehouse Party Downtown". After performing solo for the first time, the songs she had secretly written on the guitar, she decided she wanted to do her own music and started playing under the moniker Tarah Who?.

Half Middle Child Syndrome is out now and all tracks available on SoundCloud.

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Jun 18, 2017

Alexa Dark

(New York) Alternative rock songwriter and guitarist, Alexa Dark, announces her debut EP, Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts, due out August 2017. The album was produced by Angelo "Doc" Velasquez (The Weeknd's Trilogy, The Fray, Christina Perri) and mixed by Patrick Kelly.

Raised between Spain, London, and Germany, now based in New York City and London, the songs are inspired by Alexa Dark's transient lifestyle. The songs were written in bedrooms, planes, between drinks outside East London clubs during early morning hours and on the concrete of various metropolitan cities. Conceived in heartbreak, in transit, and from boundless nostalgia, these tracks intertwine cultural and personal narratives, influenced by the Spanish singer-songwriters played in her childhood kitchen, in addition to female rock legends such as Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, and Kim Gordon.

Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts is a collection of songs cultivated in the brief moment when the party is over when the sobriety comes just before the morning does. "Blur" is one of the first songs Alexa wrote and has evolved to cater to many different relationships and situations throughout her life. It's a "fuck it" anthem, of sorts, but still portrays vulnerability, baring her bones. "Nothing More" is an "anti-love" song, about loving but in an untraditional sense. Referring to the EP's title, "Empty Drinks" is a party anthem that encapsulates the sober realization and reflection on the emptiness felt at the end of the night.

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Steven Colyer

(Los Angeles) Los Angeles-based musician Colyer's has just released his video for his single "Lost In Your Love". When speaking about the video Colyer says,“Myself and director Naomi Christie both knew from the get-go that this video had to be underwater.  We wanted to convey the nature of rapt love.  When you’re infatuated with someone, time and space become skewed and everything moves in slow motion.  It’s pure hypnosis and you’re beautifully captive." "Lost In Your Love" is out now.

Steven Colyer, known as Colyer is a uniquely versatile artist. Not only a singer/songwriter but a multi-instrumentalist and producer as well. His lyrics honest, his sound raw, Colyer dishes out songs deep from within his soul with passionate vibrancy. Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and now in Los Angeles, Colyer has been crafting his album one single at a time. Silver vocals with soulful grooves and old school flares, in a fresh fashion he proves that rock n' roll still has a soul.

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