Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mike Gallagher & High Order

Blending a mixture of genres including rock, gospel, funk and a litany of others, Mike Gallagher & High Order step forward with their new LP The Edge of A Dream.

As a triple threat, Gallagher plays guitar, keyboards and sings, while leading his electric group of fellow veteran musicians from expertise gained as a producer for Trackforce Productions. Gallagher's natural role as bandleader comes from learning during a variety of high profile sideman opportunities including performing for Barack Obama's inaugural brunch, where he joined Carole King, Yolanda and Bebe Winans.

The multi-talented, well traveled musician has been in demand throughout his career touring with acts like George Clinton and Lupe Fiasco, additionally Gallagher has contributed music for Oprah Winfrey show, Dr. Oz and MTV's '16 & Pregnant." All of these experiences and influences inform The Edge Of A Dream.

Mike Gallagher & Higher Order have released their new video for the single "All Falls Down." Their single, and LP can be heard HERE.

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Gabby Gordon

Gabby Gordon is a Danish American, singer/songwriter living and performing in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Gabby lived and traveled between Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, UK, Germany and the US. Her unique life experience has inspired her love for music.

Faced with constant state of change, music was a way for Gabby to express her individuality and to bong with people from all walks of life. since then, Gabby has built her artists career on countless stages in the US and Europe, creating opportunities to perform with world-class musicians including a recent performance with legendary Mick Fleetwood.

In 2004 Gabby and her family relocated to California. Los Angeles became Gabby's new home, where she has been able to take her career to the next level and make a name for herself as a powerhouse soulful singer, and a songwriter with a unique and personal style.

Gordon has released her new video "Underground" from her self-titled debut EP available HERE.

Currently Gabby is promoting the release of her fully-produced self-titled EP, which was recorded with the renowned producer Marshall Altman (Ingrid Michaelson), Marc Broussard) and drummer/music collaborator Ronen Gordon in Nashville, TN. 

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Kin

Interview with Shakerleg and Isaac Koren of The Kin.
The best way to describe The Kin is wild men from Australia and the New York subway. There is nothing like them: two lead singers/guitarists who are brothers, a didgeridoo, a drummer who doesn’t use sticks, and a habit of invading restaurants and airports to steal ears, fill them with music, and then return them. And along the way, these three artists create  high energy, high melody, high fun alt. rock that is completely unique.They have worked with legendary producers Nic Hard and Tony Visconti and toured down under with PINK playing  to arenas full of thousands of people.They recently launched a grueling US tour, kicking it off at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. Isaac “Hijack” Koren and Mark "Shakerleg" Nicosia stopped by R360 for a chat before setting up for  their gig.

R. Welcome guys. I love your band.
Shakerleg. Let’s be sure we understand who this band is.There is a drummer who plays without sticks, that’s me, and the other two guys are hacks. Seriously, we have two lead singers who are harmonizing like you wouldn’t believe. I am a New Yorker, not from Australia – we need to stop this Australian thing now...let me out! Let me out!

R. I can see this interview is going to go downhill fast. So, moving right along, you were on a tour with PINK in Australia and now you are starting a new tour in the US. What gives – going back to work so soon?  
Isaac. We actually just got back from our tour in Australia – we toured with PINK last year. This is the “Thick as Thieves”  tour which started in Australia – we toured rural Australia.  We thought we were going to be in the Outback, but they’ve got some pretty big cities there. Now we are about to take on the US with this crazy New York City drummer. It’s amazing -- this guy on the drums with his hands. He is actually hurting himself on stage playing music.

R. We are going to talk about him. Isaac. I understand your mom was a musician and played with Colin Hay of Men at Work.
Isaac. Yeah, we would come home from school and she would blasting all the greats and singing the top notes and “gassing it up” as she would say. We were always listening to music through our parents and  this was the sense of our thoughts while we were making rash musical decisions.

R. I know you have told the story of meeting in the subway many times, so I won’t ask you to repeat it, but I do want to know, Shakerleg, does it really hurt to play.
Shakerleg. Oh yes it does. The whole point was  to make people in the subway in New York, where I was making a living, to just turn their head and throw some money at me. Obviously my drumming skills with sticks were not up to par, especially in comparison to other New York drummers, I thought well, maybe I can just hit these things with my hands and see what happens. I had to injure myself in front of them to show them I was desperate and had nothing else, and it backfired – I started to like it.

R. Did you leave blood on the drum skins?
Shakerleg.There is calcification of the bone under  the skin of my hands - like a MMA fighter  or a martial artist who is hitting wood all the time. At least I like to kid myself that that is what is happening and not think about the future lack of use of lack of use of these two hands. I have a feeling it is coming. I wake up in the morning with my hands so swollen I can barely close them. I have to hold my hand up because they are so swollen. But it is too good - I can’t stop it right now. I am not going with sticks because I am so far beyond that with this hand drumming that I would  be trying to play catch up. I will break my hands until people stop coming  to the show.

R. Isaac, did you have any reservations about hiring a drummer who didn’t use sticks?
Isaac. We have played with many a drummer and we love them all, but there is just a chemistry with him that we have never before. There was no question – it was can we all get along?. Shakerleg interjects: and we finally do get along, this is the first time I have felt this comfortable.

R. You worked with Tony Visconti, who produced for David Bowie T-Rex, among others. How did that happen?
Isaac & Skakerleg. That was through one of our managers at Interscope. He asked us who we wanted to work with and we listened to the rawness of T-Rex albums and Bowie’s melodic bass lines and grooves. We believe that what we do in the studio  has  to be raw and has the kinetic energy of a live show, as well as solidifies a groove that you can put on anytime and dance to. Tony did that for Bowie and T-Rex and we figured he could do it for us.

R. Did he?
Isaac. I am not sure we got there with him, but I am not sure we are there yet except for our live recordings. We are in an interesting place - we pretty much know what songs we want to put on the album and we pretty much have an idea of how to get  that sound, but we are still questioning a bit.

Last but not least...

R. What was it like to open for PINK?
Shakerleg. I can speak personally as being a NY street performer, thinking that this is big as I am going to go and then standing in an arena in Australia looking at the rig set up for her flying around, it was overwhelming and…yeah. Ten years in a subway stations and then I am in an arena with PINK.
Isaac. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to her craft. She is inspiring and top of the mountain. We met her at a benefit concert at someone’s home in LA and she saw us play and several months her people called us and here we are. I still have the recording of us screaming in the background. I should make it my ringtone.

Get On It is out now and available on iTunes

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LA. Correspondent
Patrick O'Heffernan

Saturday, November 15, 2014


New Orleans based, indie dance rock artists Ryan Gray, aka Luxley, announces upcoming debit EP and its recent addition to Bombay Bicycle Club and Milo Greene's Fall 2014 North American Tour. Slated for release in early 2015, Luxley's Spirit EP marks the return of co-producer and former Passion Pit member Ayad-Adhamy to the world catchy, synth-pop hooks from his guitar driven, punk rock anthem slinging project Team Spirit and production of Black Bell records. Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, The Strokes) lends his ear as engineer and mixer, helping to draw out the indie pop, and timeless dance synth-centric elements.

After moving back home from a research program in Nashville and from a financially stable promising career in medicine, Luxley reconnected with local NOLA scene and old friend (now manager and founder of Rude of Fox records) Sky McElroy, and began recording his new music.

This Fall, Luxley finds itself on a North American tour through notable West Coast, Canada, Midwest,  and East Coast venues likes Los Angeles' Wiltern Theatre, San Francisco's Warfield Theatre, Seattle's The Show Box, Boston's House of Blues, New York City's Terminal 5, and more with fellow sample-driven indie-pop and 2014 Mercury Prize Finalist Bombay Bicycle Club and cinematic pop quintet Milo Greene.

"Spirit" is a song that tells a story simultaneously about finding the one person who makes you feel completely alive, yet not knowing how they'll feel when they find out. It tells the story of searching for the hope that you will succeed during a time which you have lost or given almost everything of yourself.

The release will mark Luxley's first since 27 year-old Gray's departure from a financially secure future in an MD/PHD program to the instability of pursuing music full-time as ca career pursuit "I was in med school at Tulane, and I left," Gray recalls. "With medicine, I could be satisfied and find some bliss, but with music, I could be fulfilled and find bliss outside myself." Since departing, Gray has been collaborating with long-time friend turned manager and occasional co-lyricist, Sky McElroy, to pursue that bliss.

His brand new track "Spirit" features Nora Patterson. The track is the first single from Luxley's upcoming album. Spirit is out now and available HERE.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Mallory Trunnell

Mallory Trunnell knows how to party and make people happy.
Review: Mallory Trunnell knows how to party and she threw a heck of one at Hotel Café to release her her new album, Words. Dramatic in a puffy pink prom dress with a blue silk sash marvelously clashing with her red hair, brilliant red lipstick and plastic flower necklace, Mallory was dressed for the part... part music, part fun, part party. She started the party with a parade of singing a Capella girls, who wound their way through the audience to stand in front of the stage adding a backup of ooh-ohh-oho and bong, bong, bong" to "Mallory's opening number from the new album, "My Turn". It was smiles from there.

But despite the celebratory atmosphere, Mallory Trunnell is not a party girl; she is a bust a girl, and has been from an early age. She grew up in Delta Utah ad began an acting career at the age of 4 and started writing songs at 9, pretty sizable accomplishments for a child in a desert town of about 3500 people. She is now in LA and is thriving in this city of 3 and half million, at least 10,000 of whom are aspiring musicians. Currently on her plate is promoting the new album released at Sunday's night party, The Twilight Music Girls band based on the Twilight book series, an earlier band called The crimson Calamity with Lauren Harding, a "Walk Through Music" video to help support the Take the Walk charity, the Hot Topic West Coast Tour and other gig is including the House of Blues earlier this month.

She brings that busy energy to her performances. She fills the room with energy as well as music. far more than a singer/songwriter, Trunnell is a force of nature on stage, directing the a Capella chorus, the two Bob Bop Girls backup (and sometimes foreground) singer, and her band or playing solo piano - while all the time keeping us laughing, toe-tapping and occasionally singing along.

The a Capella chorus sauntered back into the audience as Trunnell began the title song from the album, "Words", happily singing the not so happy words with a big smile: I've been restless and feeling desperate/When I could barely breathe. This is Trunnell's signature, happy, upbeat melodies with not so happy lyrics. She continued the upbeat music/downbeat lyrics with "happy', starting with devil-may-care Da da da da da dum/Da da da da da doo doo doot n doo doot, n do yeah and followers it by asking the very sincere why does it hurt her to hate her lover when it doesn't hurt her lover to hate her - all joyfully accented by the Bob Bob Girls whose ooo's and bob, bop's make you grin while you wonder at the lyrics.

She lowers the energy but ups the emotion with the querulous "Waiting", asking plaintively I am. You Are. Can We Be?and then really lowers it with "Tattooed", a slowed urgent conversation with a lover. she laments the Tattoos so deep/They sink to my bones... I scrub and scrub/and scrub and scrub... But your colors have tattooed me. Her voice is urgent, her soul is stricken and she leaves us thinking how can this vivacious red head with a silly grin in a 50's prom dress with a guitar slung awkwardly across her chest make us feel so deeply that our stomachs tighten.

A consummate performer, Trunnell understands emotional breaks and emotional momentum - and when to do both. She gives us the break by moving to the piano and shooting the band off the sage, lightening the atmosphere. Then, she announces it's story time and tells us about the woman who set her on the path to music, her grandmother Ruby, the subject of the next song. The simple piano with her personal, talk-directly-to-you singing made this a high point of the evening. We laughed before; now we cried, Then we clapped when she gave a shout out to her mom, sitting at a table with friends enjoying her daughter's talent and love.

But it was time to return to upbeat/downbeat as she stepped back to the microphone an brought the band onstage for "Quit You", another paean to an addictive bad-for-you relationship. No,no,no I cannot quit you... Since you've been gone/There's been a little too much /in my bed. Most singer/songwriters mine their own lives for material; if Trunnell's lyrics come from her life, her memoir will be delicious.

Trunnell finished with a flourish, singing "Tomorrow's Coming Fast." telling the very substantial Sunday night 7pm early crowd I've got paper/Got words to rhyme/I've got music. Music is exactly what she has and when she shares it she makes people very, very happy.

Words by Mallory Trunnell is available on iTunes.

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Mallory Trunnell

LA. Correspondent
Patrick O'Heffernan
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Migrant Motel

Migrant Motel, the rock n roll power trio, has been jamming in Boston in Fall of 2012. The band is made up of David Stewart Jr as the Peruvian frontman (vocals and bass), Ed Graves from Bath, UK (Guitar) and Chava from Mexico (drums); a mix of international rock all-stars coming together for the good of rock n roll. 

Vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, David Stewart Jr., is honored to be the first recipient of the premiere Berklee Lollapalooza Endowed Scholarship, a four-year, full tuition award. David Stewart Jr. is originally from Lima, Peru, but moved with his family to Florida when he was 6 years old. Now twenty, he is a National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts’ YoungArts program winner in pop vocal performance and theater, recipient of Florida’s statewide Cappie Award for Musical Theater. David is not only ambitious with his artistry, but is also focused on his career, aligning himself with experienced mentors and artist management. He has signed to BMI and started his own publishing company, Red Seed Publishing.

Virtuoso guitar player and arranger Ed Graves grew up in Bath, England, host country to the biggest wave of rock n roll culture the world has ever seen. Ed started Spanish guitar lessons at the age of 7 and began electric at age 9; he was then encouraged to take formal lessons in multiple instruments including piano and percussion, which proved to be very inspiring towards his original works. Going back in forth between acoustic and electric guitar, Ed draws inspiration from Pink Floyd, Paco De Lucía, Led Zeppelin, Andy McKee, and many more.

Salvador Ilizaliturri, aka "Chava", grew up on punk and rock. The band rebel grew up in Mexico City listening to Blink 182, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, and Cafe Tacva, especially looking up to drummers Travis Barker, Chad Smith, and John Bonham. The multi- instrumentalist has an incredible style, taste, and sensitivity on drums that caught David and Ed's ear immediately. Loud and in your face, Chava is the drummer and backup singer of Migrant Motel.

David, Ed and Chava have recently worked with celebrities such as Josh Groban and Judith Hill, stages as big as SXSW and HBO, have friends in places like Red Bull and Lollapolooza, and are currently gigging, studying, and creating in Boston, MA.

The band have just dropped their new EP "This is a Working Vinyl" is out now and available HERE.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Chicago's Razorhouse takes it's name from the Mayan spiritual teachings in Popul Vuh. Each release is referred to as a "Codex," the term for a section of the Mayan writings. The band combines elements of industrial rock and hard glam with the distinctive voice and songwriting of group leader Mark J. Panick (The Boneman of Barumba, Chac Mool, Revolting Cocks), whose work is encoded with beautiful daydreams and dirty ideas.

The band's latest offering, following the sublime and psychedelic "Neu Sensation, is "Girl Like a Hand Grenade," which was recorded at Germano Studios in NYC and Rax Trax in Chicago. The track was produced by Danny McGuinness and Howie Beno, engineered/mixed/mastered by Beno and features Mark Panick on guitar and vocals, David Suycott on drums, John McCurry on guitars and Beno on bass and keys.

Girl Like a Hand Grenade from Razorhouse on Vimeo.

"Girl Like a Hand Grenade" was released as a single via Heat Shield Records and is available HERE

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