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Of Monsters and Men

(Release) As their new album FEVER DREAM nears 50 million streams in a few months’ time and earns acclaim from Billboard, Huffington Post, Q (four stars),  and more, Of Monsters and Men maintain their exceptional momentum and share the music video for “Wild Roses.” Listen & Share:Wild Roses Once again, the multiplatinum Icelandic phenomenon delivers a provocative and powerful cinematic companion to an equally heartfelt song. Teetering between gorgeous and chilling vignettes, frontwoman Nanna Hilmarsdóttir sings while floating atop a pool.

As blood fills the water and tears fill her eyes, the water eventually mimics her movements, bringing the vision to life in hypnotic fashion as it pays homage to Scandinavian horror classics with an Of Monsters and Men twist. Regarding the song and video, Nanna commented, “‘Wild Roses’ shows an introverted side to the album and is inspired by what it is like to lean into your sadness. We wanted to capture that feeling in a performance for the music v…

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