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(Release)Generationals have shared the music video for their single "I Turned My Back On The Written Word". Earlier this month the band announced the release of their forthcoming record, Reader As Detective. They debuted their new single "I Turned My Back On The Written Word" on a surprise performance on Fresh Fridays.  Their long-awaited return to television wowed audiences nation-wide.

Listen & Share:I Turned My Back on the Written Word

From their inception Generationals have existed at the convergence of classic style and contemporary technique. Students of an analog school actualized in a digital medium, Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner have always felt most comfortable reveling in this juxtaposition. Grounded in a catalog of infectious pop hooks that feel both familiar and radically new all at once, Generationals mastered their distinct voice as a means to widen the path before them.
Reader As Detective, their new full-length album, weds vintage pop canon and mode…

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