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She Rides Tigers

(Release) Chicago trio She Rides Tigers have released their debut LP SCARS, which is available on limited-edition vinyl distributed by Little Cloud Records. SCARS follows their EP, Standing On The Edge, which was released in 2015. She Rides Tigers is Joe O’Leary (ex-The Bright White) on guitar and vocals, James Scott on bass and vocals and Ryan Birkett on drums.

She Rides Tigers’ single "Roll With It" was featured extensively in the 2015 production of Grand Concourse at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater Company. The band has also been featured on Fearless Radio, Voclao (via NPR), WGN Radio, New City, Radio One Chicago, Beehive Candy, Deep in the Music and Static Multimedia.
She Rides Tigers is a fuzz guitar, riff-laden power trio blurring the lines between psychedelic rock and power pop and are bringing their distinctive sound to clubs in the Chicago area and greater Midwest.

"In spite of being an American band, SRT were able to somehow resurrect that inflammable genero…

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