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(New Release)Chicago’s Aweful, which features Traci Trouble (HotLips Messiah), Lucy Dekay (Mystery Actions) and Izzy Price (Velcro Lewis Group), released their debut vinyl EP ME ME ME via BeerCan Records back on August 3rd. The band celebrated the release with a show at The Empty Bottle in Chicago and played gigs in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin the weekend of the release.The clip was directed by Wendy Norton from Milwaukee's Norton Video.

Listen & Share: Lucid Dream 
"Traci Trouble is back with a brand new three-piece combo called AWEFUL, and it’s a sweeping new sound you might not expect. Joining up with Lucy Dekay (Mystery Actions) and Izzy Price (Velcro Lewis Group), this new project juts forth with a streamlined, layered vocal and a wiry guitar tone; it’s a new direction; a subdued sonic approach with slithering dynamics and cavernous depth. Echoing solid 80’s Gun Club and Fur Bible’s chorus pedal-soaked vibes with a wall of dripping female vocals cascading over wha…

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