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Sunshine Boys

(Chicago) Sunshine Boys started after Freda Love Smith (Blake Babies) and Dag Juhlin (The Slugs) were separately asked to help round out a band being assembled by playwright Brett Neveu and cartoonist Rich Sparks based on their spiky pop tunes. When Jason Narducy (Superchunk, Split Single) was unable to be a part of the group, Juhlin told Brett and Rich that they had to bring in Jackie Schimmel (Big Hello) on bass. 

This five-piece collective, christened “Sex Ritter," gelled quickly and fleshed out Brett and Rich’s songs for a couple of really fun gigs. The ulterior motive, according to Dag, was to get Freda and Jackie together. He knew that Jackie’s brilliantly melodic bass lines would fit perfectly within the hypnotic gallop of Freda’s drums, as well as the unkempt jangle of his guitar. They knew that they had something as soon as they started rehearsing and decided that “Sunshine Boys” would make for a great trio.

After more than a few years of Dag not writing songs (he was bus…

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