Wrong War


(Release) Wrong War formed in Chicago in 2019 and features Matt Weeks on lead vocals. In addition to being at the helm of Council Records from 1992-2006, Weeks played and toured extensively with the widely influential bands Current, Calvary, and Ottawa. On guitar and bass, respectively, are Patrick Keenan and Dave Pawlowski, who are back together for the first time since serving in the raucous Chicago five-piece, The Phenoms. Salvo Beta drummer Dan Smith, along with Weeks, is responsible for much of the band’s relentless, aggressive sound. Smith also handles all noise and sampling heard throughout the band's debut release, Fixed Against Forever. 

Wrong War, while influenced by the Chicago and Detroit scenes they came up in, certainly gives a nod to classic DC punk and the Dischord Records releases of that time. Early on, the band has drawn direct comparisons to Crucifix, Battalion of Saints, and Born Against. They play blistering, politically-charged punk rock in a time when we need it most. 

Wrong War's debut album, Fixed Against Forever, was released digitally by Council Records.

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