The man behind the music

This Native New Yorker, has a discography list of albums that is bigger than Ben Hur. Rae started his career in Boston after graduating from Berklee College of Music. He started engineering at a local studio bringing in the local punk bands, some of the highlights were bands from the local punk scene FU's and Christmas.

He eventually would go and work in an independent studio in Hoboken, New Jersey which was owned by Lenny Kravit'z producer , called Waterfront Studios. During his time there he had the pleasure of working with artist such as: Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow and other Hip Hop and RnB Artists.

Relocating to Los Angeles in the late 1980s, in search for that edge to expand his discography with the LA rock/indie scene. He connected and worked with many artist and came into contact with Henry Rollins and worked on his infamous " Get In The Van', an audio book based on the history of Black flag which earned a Grammy Award in 1994. As success grew so did his followers of bands and artist, he later joined forces with other bands such as Filter, Vercua Salt, Galaxy Co-Stars and AOA ( Army of Anyone). Army of Anyone was founded by Stone Temple Pilots brothers; Dean and Robert Deleo, they collabrated with extradionary session drummer Rae Luzier and had Richard Patrick-Filter leadman to take this quartet right to the edge.

To add to his success, Rae has successfully moved into far reaching heights. Now working for Iron Mountain Film and sound studios, He devotes his time to mixing tracks for guitar hero, rock band, dj hero, dj scratch and others.

I recently caught up with Rae Dileo and got some scoop on what he is up to and where he see's music going.

R. Whats in the mix?
RD. Just finished mixing a single for a very cool band from South Africa " Heros Wear Red". I mixed their last record and I just hooked up with them again for a second go around.

R.Describe the music?
RD. They have a big open U2 vibe to them, but then they offset it with some great 80s retro keyboards sounds...Very cool new band.

R. Favorite all time record?
RD. I would have to say Beatles- Sgt. Peppers. For me it was the first cutting edge produced record ahead of its time, the first real masterpiece of music production.

R. Who's on your iPod now?
RD: Two of my favorite records this year have to be Broken Bells and One Eskimo

R.Whats your feeling about music today?
RD. I think there is alot of exciting music going on. it just takes more work from the listener to find it. with radio dead and to demise of the record labels, you have to be a real fan to find it.

R. Favorite App?
RD. Sirius satellite app, because I can have Howard Stern where ever I go.

R. Where do you shop?

R. Favorite destination/travel?
RD. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Last but not Least...

R. If your house was on fire what 3 things would you take with you?
RD. My laptop, girlfriend and favorite pair of jeans.

Rae Dileo


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killer article on a killer artist! looking forward to more great articles from revolution!!!
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lenny kravitz and henry rollins? very impressive! you rock!!!
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RAE DILEO IS DA BOMB, BABY!!! awesome article too!!
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Rae you're a legend bro!
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The article totally rocked! Looking forward to the future of The Undeniable.