Analog Talk

    Head-engineer Adam Boose has been mastering records since 2000. Beginning with a lengthy tenure at Cleveland’s A to Z Audio Services, Adam learned the finer intricacies of mastering for a wide array of styles and formats.

    In 2007, Adam left to begin work at Iron Mountain Digital Studios in Pennsylvania, where he archived and mastered audio for the likes of Universal Music Group, Sony, and
    Codigo, in addition to preparing stem mixes for the gaming market (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Scratch). Concurrently, Adam founded Cauliflower Audio, a high-end mastering facility in Lakewood, Ohio and grew the business in his spare time.
    Fast forward to August 2012. After 5 successful years of business, Adam partnered with Well Made Music to offer professional lacquer cutting services, and in turn left Iron Mountain to focus on studio work full-time.
    Since its inception, Cauliflower Audio has established itself with a growing discography spanning three continents, world-class gear, and projects featuring Ed Rose (Get-Up Kids, Appleseed Cast), Rae DiLeo (Filter, Henry Rollins), Dean & Britta, and Sonic Boom (Spectrum, MGMT), to name a few. Adam cut his musical teeth playing in bands like Brandtson (The Militia Group/Deep Elm), Furnace St., Swarm of Bats, and a brief stint with Filament 38 (Negative Gain).
    In his spare time, he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and cat, and/or espousing the virtues of IPA’s, drum machines, bike riding, weird comedies, and living in Cleveland, Ohio.
    R. Firstly, Happy New Year! What an amazing year you've had. What plans do you have install for 2013?
    AB. Thanks! Happy New Year to you as well. 2012 was really a banner year for Cauliflower Audio. I got to work on some amazing records, added some new toys to the arsenal, and started cutting lacquers for vinyl. More of the same in 2013!

    R. Musically speaking, you've worked and seen the evolving changes in the music industry (both in production and artists). In your own opinion where do you see the industry heading in the future?
    AB.Honestly, it's anyone's guess. I can only speak from my personal experience as a mastering engineer living in Cleveland, Ohio. Around 50% of the pre-mastering work I do is headed toward vinyl. Plus, we have a rather busy pressing plant in town (Gotta Groove Records), so I think that contributes to a positive feeling about record manufacturing here. If that's any indication nationally, I think at least vinyl production looks pretty promising into the future. Musically speaking, I've never been very good at predicting trends, but I don't think there's any shortage of amazing music to be heard.

    R. As an Engineer what are some of the tricks of the trade that go behind making a master record?
    AB. For me, it's about listening and learning. Knowing what my analog gear does inside and out is key. Keeping an eye on what's happening in the plugin world is important too but I do find it a little boring. That said, I've been really into spectral editing lately; a couple folks hipped me to it recently and I've been kind of obsessed. it's sort of like Photoshop for audio and gives you way more control over annoying things like "esses" or clicks and pops. All in all, I've learned that every project is an opportunity to learn and that complacency is the enemy of success.

    R. What has been the highlight so far in your career?
    AB. There have been a few. Being able to run the studio full-time is the big one. Learning to use a mastering lathe to cut vinyl masters is another huge thing. We cut an amazing record for a band called Little Bighorn last year that was created 100% analog-- recorded to tape, mixed to tape, mastered to tape and cut from tape. Extremely rare these days. It was a huge learning experience and it sounds amazing. Working on projects mixed by some amazing engineers (Rae DiLeo, Ed Rose, Sonic Boom). I feel very lucky to be doing this for a living and am very thankful for all of my clientele.

    R. When not mastering which artists or band is playing in the background?
    AB. I tend to like a lot of electronic stuff--the Presets, Boys Noize, Twin Shadow, Washed Out, Pet Shop Boys, that kind of thing.

    Last but not Least…

    R. You've been approached by a casting agency to star in a comedy. It's a mix of Woody Allen meets Seth Rogen and you've been typecast as the main character. Who would you like as you're leading lady in the film and why?
    AB. Amy Poehler.  No question. She is the funniest woman alive.

    Adam Boose: Cauliflower Audio
    Full-service analog mastering for cd, vinyl, cassette, & digital download


Unknown said…
congrats adam! glad to see your making moves! your talented and i am happy for you~ tim s.
Unknown said…
happy for you bro! great job!
Unknown said…
congrats! happy for you! your a talented and hard working guy!