The Voice of the rising sun

Carefree and charismatic Pip, a 19 year old Southern Gentleman from Marietta, Georgia, won the hearts of America when he partnered with Adam Levine on lasts season's competition on "The Voice". A young man with a vintage soul: he has decided to leave his roots and work towards his passion of building a music career. Pip has recently released his very first single as an independent artist titled "Who Cares".

Growing up in a musical family Pip learned to play the part of thespian, chameleon, and front man at an early age. He starred in multiple plays throughout his high school career before beginning his journey into the entertainment industry. He was briefly seen in 2011 on Oxygen's "The Glee Project" before being chosen as one of the 5 contestants from Atlanta's 11alive to compete for "The Voice". His passion extends to funding youth involvement in mission work around the world in honor missionary Stewart Hay, a close family friend who passed away from brain cancer. Pip wears a black wristband to imprinted with the New Zealand silver fern in memory of Hay. His nonprofit, Youth in Mission, is selling the wristbands to collect proceeds for youth mission's work.

R. Not so long ago you were attending Brenau University in (Marietta, GA). There, you performed in local coffee houses. Then in 2011 you auditioned for The Voice. How was that experience for you?
PA. Going from college into the crazy an intense world of reality television was definitely a huge leap in my life. The fact that in a matter of months I went from being in the pre-pharmacy program at a small university in Alabama, to being in front of millions of people on TV still baffles me. I couldn't have asked for a better audition process and experience while I was getting on that show. The way we were all treated really made just made you feel like an important piece of the show and that was incredible. It was just so much fun making new friends with some of the most talented people from across America and I know it will always be such an awesome memory in my mind.

R. Away from the stage and the cameras. What advise did you get from Adam Levine?
Pip. The best thing I got from working with Adam was definitely just the drive and motivation to find out what really made me tick as a person and as an artist. He really always drove home staying true to yourself and figuring out exactly what that meant for your career. It really made me dig into what I wanted to be as an artist and make me figure put how to make the transition from just a cover a artist, to someone who people can identify as a person and as a style all on their own. I feel like something Adam really showed me was that if you do something original and purely you, that people will love it and really embrace it.

R. Congratulations on your first single, titled "Who Cares". Does the song have any personal connection to you?
Pip. Absolutely! I co-wrote the song with my producer, manage, and guitars and it really was all about my journey thus far. After The Voice ended I really have had to step out of that world and go right to work on things so that I didn't just fade away like a lot of reality show "stars" can do. And the song was my way of saying, "Look... I did this show, I loved it and now it's over... But don't think that means that I'm over! I'm coming at you full force and who cares that there are these obstacles in my life right now, cause I am going to overcome them and really do this thing right!"

R. Who are your musical influences?
Pip. I am that obnoxious guy who literally listens to everything... Pop, Rap, Classical, Jazz, Country, etc... You name it! So I have pulled so many influences from so many different styles sometimes it really hard to keep track! I am obviously a huge Maroon 5 fan (Songs about Jane really was what drove me to want to be in music), but I have roots in so many different artists. From The Doors, to Rihanna... Stevie Wonder, to the Red Hot Chili Peppers... Nina Simone, to Audioslave. You name it, I probably like it.

R. Besides music you have also dedicated your time in working in a nonprofit, Youth in Mission. Tell us a little about your involvement?
Pip. A little over a year ago, my best friends father, Stewart Hay, passed away from brain caner. He was such a huge influence and personal mentor in my life that I really wanted to do something in his memory. He had always been extremely involved in Mission work, and especially in getting young adults and teens involved. So, I started the organization, Youth in Mission, to help get teens and young adults who want to help with mission work where they need to be. We want people to be able to focus on the work they are doing and not how they are going to get to the people they are working for. So! We sell wristbands (with the New Zealand silver fern, in honor of Stewart's home country) to raise money to get those who want help, where they need to go. All our profits come from the sale of those wristband and if you want to help you can head over to and check out the "YIM" really honor amazing man, Mr. Stewart Hay.

Last but not Least...

R. If you could write a song for any artists of your choice. Who would it be and what would the song be about?
Pip. Honestly... It would be Christina. :) I just think her voice can do backflips and tricks that no one else can do. It would be so awesome to hear her sing something I wrote for her! As for the what it would be about, that's a tough one. I feel like it would probably have to be about something with The Voice! Haha But seriously, it would probably be a power anthem. About strength and individuality. Who Knows? :) Like I said, I would pick her because the options would be completely endless!

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