Aaron + Andrew

Review:There's a point where everything has to move on. Be it in relationships, work, literature, sport or in life generally.  In these moments we either drop everything and start over afresh or take the best of everything that is ours, clutch it close to our chest and use it to push forward with wherever we are going. So let me introduce a duo that have done the latter, Aaron and Andrew.
From the basics of acoustic, to the evolution of amplifiers and foot pedals, to the light timpani of heavy bass drum beats, key synthesizers, and finally from the musician to the DJ Producer.

Their music has a raw acoustic format, similar to many 90's pop greats such as: The Calling, Oasis and even Toploader. The vocals have the gentle touch that seemed to fall in with the 2000/10's with the likes of Owl City, Noah and the Whale and (though don't judge me for saying it) Bieber and One Direction. All those who may have winced at that comment please note the fact that those artists are on stage everywhere these days and played repetitively in bars and clubs. In other words, they made it and it's liked... loved by the masses.

In the slightly older age (or my preferably known term: the Golden Age) of music you had the likes of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Hendrix and AC/DC knocking out Anthems to the crowds, but with the change of the times we have the likes of the Alex Clare and Avicii. Aaron and Andrews music fits this mould that has been crafted with countless hours and effort to please the modern day audience. Without question they are perfect for their generation. Their music works on three levels in my mind…

1. Low/mid volume: with the gentle mixing of vocals and harmonies accompanied with the ambiance of the musical structure they are a duo you can come home and unwind to in the comfort of your own home.
2. Mid/high volume: with the merging of basic to electronic instrumentation and the heavy lying bass beat of percussion in their works fit with ease to the preparation, journey and time spent within a night clubbing and their melodies would probably keep you company as you merrily stumble back to the taxi rank.
3. Festival/30+ amplifiers volume: with both the previously mentioned factors plus the uses of effects, production and phrasing of each line and hooks, one could easily see potential of a modern festival anthem, you can imagine the thousands jumping and singing in response to the music. A human wave pulled by the tide of the creative arts within these two individuals.

Again, as I draw to a close, I cannot deny that Aaron and Andrew are perfect for the modern musical generation. If they keep true to what they are, what they have created and of course the passion... Well... I guess we'll all find ourselves humming to their tune/Anthems in years to come. Check out their latest EP Chase!

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By: Jamez Kirby