Hannah Thiem

Hannah Thiem is a producer and violinist whose musical stylings are influenced by her nomadic spirit and her deep appreciation for electronic and ambient soundscpaes. Hannah's upcoming album, BYRM will be her first release as a solo artist, though her previous works and collaborations are diverse and expansive. As the co-founder of the avant rock group, Copal, as well as the ambient electronic project Nyxyss, Hannah has shared the stage with a range of artists as varied and acclaimed as The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Bassnectar, Moby, Shpongle, Random Rab, EOTO, Jillian Ann, The Human Experience, Quixotic, and Lucent Dossier. Hannah has also recorded with Irma Thomas of the Grammy-nominated "Simply Grand," Beats Antique, Random Rab, The Human Experience, The Rising Smoke of The Hobo Kings, Ancient Astronauts, and Edwin Briscoe. Hannah's sonic and Middle Eastern from her formative experiences with Eastern European, Nordic, and Middle Eastern music and BRYM is the beginning of an all new journey in exploration of these.

Hannah Thiem has just released the video for her first single, Brym al Mar from her upcoming EP, BRYM. The video, directed by Arman Matin, is beautiful and majestic while hauntingly imaginative. "Brym al Mar" is an ambient instrument track that starts out with a passionate yet restrained and cinematic sound that builds up to an urgent and energetic drop - emblematic of Hannah's ability to seamlessly blend her gripping work as violinist with her more recent works as an electronic producer.

The single Brym al Mar is available Here

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