(Los Angeles) Fanatics have their dreams where they weave their own paradise, like a desert mirage that exists solely in your mind. ExSage sings of elusive truth and the tension it creates - love and hate, pain and ecstasy. The balance we walk that makes us divine or evil.

There’s nothing quite like being in the desert. It is an inimitable feeling when the heavy heat of day submits to the piercing cold of night. The setting sun bruises the sky as it strikes the horizon and sinks, stripping the gilding from the sand and exposing the cold faces of the stars. High noon and the witching hour are equally captivating; both are unnerving, both are electrifying. Night condenses and expands and hundreds of unblinking eyes emerge, gaping.

The desert demands transformation. What thrives there is thorned. What survives links between shadows. To exist there is to withstand its vastness—an act of defiance. For thousands of years, it has tested us, summoned us to solitude to confront ourselves. Both Tim Foley and Kate Clover heeded this call. Beneath a storm-stained sky thick with anticipation, the former flames found themselves reunited. As lighting scared the sand, they resolved to sonically sublimate its essence. ExSage emerged from the eye of this storm.

ExSage recorded their debut EP in Los Angeles with producer Alain Johannes (Mark Lanegan, Them Crooked Vultures, Brody Dalle, Queens of the Stone age), which will be released worldwide in October.

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