The Undeniable Truth

Robbert J. Bricker has come a long way since his days from growing up in Salem Ohio. Today he lives in Pittsburgh PA, where he has managed to establish himself as a unique artist: Singer, Songwriter, Filmmaker, Video Remixologist and Master Hair/Color Artist.

With the newly formed, Robert Codfish Bricker & The Soul Crushers, he draws his audiences with much anticipation as he delivers dark, gritty-bluesy tones.

The Undeniable, which is his alter ego has built a following in both the USA and as far as Berlin. His daring punk in your face lyrics have allowed him to experiment alternatively with much of his influences from: David Bowie, Marylin Manson and yes, Eminem.

R. 2011 is here, what has been happening?
RB. Well...  Uh... There is a lot... As usual.  I am enjoying working with Salon Bella Mia in the attempts to bring sexy Hollywood and Rock-N-Roll hair styles to Pittsburgh, a city of mullets and mall bangs.  That is a lot of work in itself. I am happy to say that I am working on some new video remixes and editing projects with CAPP Records.  Robert Codfish Bricker & The Soul Crushers just did our second gig and I think our main goal right now is just getting out there and paying our dues so to speak.  The Undeniable, however, is currently forming a new line up of musicians and planning to tour soon.  With the overseas success of the title track, hopefully we will be rocking abroad come next year... 2012 at the latest. Fingers crossed.

R.What can your audience expect this time round?
RB. I am really pumped up about The Undeniable right now.  The debut album, "Rock-N-Roll Star" is really taking off and the title track is in rotation and being played in more than 6 countries.  With the new line up of artists, we will still be doing some of my old standard tracks, but will be incorporating some new elements, as well.  The new drummer, Dava Keaglor, has come here from Ohio and is adding her own twist of hip-hop influence to the beats and I've been in collaboration with friend and recording artist, Judas Dean, and we're bringing an ever darker edge to some of the already devilish tunes.

R.What do you think of music today?
RB. Oh man... Do you really want me to answer that?  Grrrr.  Modern pop music is complete and utter shite!  I mean, I have never been a mainstream fan, but just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...  I find it amazing that in 1989, Milli Vanili's Grammy was rescinded for lipsynching and now we give talentless cookie-cut wonders awards for lipsynching and auto-tuning.  WTF?!?  There is no humanity in pop music. It is so prefabricated and with no talent required.  Rock-N-Roll was never about perfection, rather it was naturally rough with attitude and big bites of reality.  It makes me so disgusted to see  the American sheeple gobble up this phoney-electro-garbage that radio and posers like MTV and VH1 pump out like little pooh-pellets dropping from a goats arse!  Okay, 'nuff said...  My blood pressure is rising. (wink, wink) However, I am totally grooving on all the unknowns out there.  There are some real great music artists on sites like, and still my  favourite,  Also, I am really getting into the alt country and alt blues scene.  Feckin' killer tunes!  ...And they actually play their own music and sing-with no auto tune!!!

R. What are you listening to now?
RB. Right now, I am into a lot of different stuff- Which is typical of me.  But I am really diggin' "The Devil Makes Three" and still rocking out to Marilyn Manson .  I especially love his album, "High End of Low."Robert Codfish Bricker & The Soul Crushers do a fun cover of the song, "Four Rusted Horses," from that album.

R.Who would you say made the greatest rock album of all time?
RB. Heh-heh.  there are so many brilliant rock albums out there.  Hmmm?  Can I have two?  My faves of all time are the "Destroyer" album by KISS. They were, are and always will be the greatest rock-show band of all time in my eyes!   And David Bowie's, "Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars"!!!  Love me some Bowie!!!

R.Describe your fashion style?
RB. My style is nothing and everything.  I do not subscribe to any certain look or any one genre of music.  I hate being classified under one label or style whether it be fashion, art or music.

R.Where do you shop?
RB. Clothing?  I am so not a label whore.  I love to go Goodwill-Hunting , as I like to call it.  I love vintage and old, used, comfy clothing.  I have been known, however, to check out S&M stores for my leather wear.  The ER Room in Pittsburgh , PA is awesome!  When it comes to music instruments and accessories I shop at Back Stage Guitars in Pittsburgh, PA.  The guys there are great and always hook me up with the best deals.

R.Favorite destination to travel?
RB. COLUMBUS, OHIO!!!!!  I know, I know...  Ohio?  Look, the Short North District in Columbus, Ohio is the perfect mix of Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, Greenwich Village in New York City and polished off with that superb Mid-Western charm.  I love Columbus and it's vibrant music, art and food scene.  If you've never been...  You definitely should.

Last but not Least...

R. If you were a superhero, who would you be and what changes would you make?
RB. Hmm?  Uh...  I dunno.. Maybe a toss up between Green Lantern & Spider man.  Green Lantern is well.. Super sexy with a really cool magical ring and Spider man has great wit and  to be, oh, so flexible!!  If I were a combo of these two, I would only change one thing...  Their costumes.  I want skin tight black leather and I would have to wield a big moose-mop flogger...  So I could spank that naught ones.  Heh-heh.

January 2011-    The Single, “Rock-N-Roll Star” is released in the USA on Indielite Radio (  The debut album, “Rock-n-Roll Star”, is released as a physical CD along with other merchandise  via Reverbnation


Anonymous said…
hahahaha "mall bangs" it!
Anonymous said…
I have seen this guy perform in Pittsburgh before... AMAZING! Didn't know he did hair and editing too... Talented!
Anonymous said…
never saw him with the new band, but he was great as the undenibale
Anonymous said…
First of i want to say Congrats to Robbert and the Soul Crushers!! YAYY Glad to see recognition for all your Bad Ass talent. I myself have the pleasure of being extremely close to the one and only Codfish; master of music. Bringing it all to the stage...energetic, jam- packed shows is the only description I have as the little man with the red Mohawk totally kills it. As my fabulous hair designer, colleague and very close friend keep rockin baby I am so proud of you!!
The undeniable is incontestable… Go see what a performance is about!!
Anonymous said…
I got to see a recent show in Pittsburgh, totally Rocked it! Robbert is a great musician, stylist, and all around bad ass guy!! Keep rocking . . You know what music is about!
Anonymous said…
bobbie Rocks loved the interview and would love to see more of him!!!! Duke
Anonymous said…
I agree with what he has to say about modern Pop music. True talent and passion oozes out in raw form..... especially on stage whilst an artist performs live. These 'icons of Pop' wouldn't know anything about this as they will never experience the true art of music.... which is interpreting your emotion through your instrument/voice! Many producers & the majority of naive fans seem to care more about the image than the actual talent these days.
Anonymous said…
I have never heard of this guy before this article and just listened to a few samples on ITunes and I had to buy the album. Great material. Very unique and yet something familiar about it. So glad to have found this artist. I agree with what Robert and the previous poster wrote about the pop music. It is awful and I look forward to hearing that raw rock n' roll sound again. It seems "The Undeniable" has found it.
d.gauss said…
Awesome interview Alex and Robbert. I am proud of both of you!!
The Undeniable said…
Thanks for the great interview Revolution!!! Looking forward to reading many more articles on great artists!!!
Anonymous said…
Know Robbert all my life and I am very proud of him. I wish him all the success in the world...A very talented man. Go get them mall bangs.....Love ya Tina
mary graham said…
a friend of a friend showed me this article and then i had to go and research this guy. amazing. there is so much he has done and been involved with. why is he not known in the usa? i found his name all over europe, but not in the states. wtf? i am going to pass this article on to everyone i know! he deserves more notoriety in the u.s.a!!! bjust got his album on amazon (its cheaper than itunes)and the album kicks ass! btw, could he be any cuter?!