Aperture Awakening

David Gauss is a quiet and unassuming character, who immerses himself within his environment. His fascination with people, places and things allow him to capture the world in ways, most of us ignore. His ability to explore and capture the depths of our landscape make his photography appealing, while allowing the viewer to gain personal contact with his subjects.

David began his career in photography late in life, at the age of 47 years old. He never even thought of touching a camera. His debut came at Moxie Dada Gallery, Pittsburgh PA, back in 2005 at an event titled Floral Inception, where he displayed three collections titled "Genesis of Color". Since then he has gained a following and a reputation.

Revolution caught up with David Gauss on his most recent exhibition at the Arbors bed & breakfast,   located in Pittsburgh PA, we talked with David  about his latest collection of unusual textures and intriguing weirdness within his environment.

R. You picked up the camera late in life, you were 46 years of age, what led you to pursue such an art?
DG. When I first picked up the camera I had no idea about what i was doing. I started taking a few snap shots of anything and everything. My Partner Robert showed these pictures to a mutual friend who is a brilliant artist and he said, that the photos were compositionally correct and that I definitely had an eye for it. Later that same year I was part of a gallery exhibition at Moxie Dada Gallery located in Pittsburgh, PA. From that point on I went on to many other showings and worked on several music video projects, the rest of course is history.

R. In the short time you have been photographing images, what is the one thing that grasps your attention?
DG. There is so much, but if I were to generalize, I would say anything that people see everyday, but take for granted. Whether it's the homeless person on the side of the street or the roadkill that you might have run over... I can find beauty in it all.

R. You have covered pretty much every area of the spectrum when it comes to photography, what is your favorite?
DG. Textures, textures, and more textures. Whether it's the lines of crumpled, broken pavement or the wonderful layers of garbage, the grime caked on the side of a garbage can, if it has texture I'm interested in shooting it!

R. With many successful exhibitions under your belt, and a current one that took place on May 28th 2011, What's next for you?
DG. Well, I do a lot of stock photos so my art is being used in websites to music videos to advertisements. Just recently, some of my pieces were used in the new Coolio music video."Gangsta's Paradise 2K11 (Kylian Mash & Time Resler Upgrade Club Remix)" and I am getting ready to shoot some concert footage of Robert Codfish Bricker and The Soul Crushers.

R. Are you inspired by music? Who are you listening to now?
DG. Of course, The Undeniable "Rock-N-Roll Star" is one of my all time favs! After all, I did shoot the video and Adele's new album has been the top of my play list lately.

R. Which Photographer would you say has inspired you?
DG. While she is not a photographer, I am greatly inspired by the art of Georgia O'Keeffe. Many of my floral pieces were inspired by her erotic floral works. Herb Ritts is a photographer who inspired me with his flare for the human too...

Last but not Least...

R. What animated cartoon character would you best say describes your personality and is there anything that you would do different?
DG. Oh wow, I have no idea. I guess the Road Runner from the old Looney Toons Cartoon. He was always on the run as I am,  people see me all the time walking from one end of the Steel City to the other taking photos or shooting film.