Master Chan

Brian Chan was born and raised in Scotland; a persistent and unpredictable weather changing country with a large multicultural society. His creative talents are a mix bag of; Drawing, Installation, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Fashion. He studied at Glasgow Metropolitan College. Anniesland College and The Glasgow School of Art, achieving his HNC Fine Art, HND Public Art and BA Hons Painting and Printmaking Degree, the time needed to accomplish this allowed him to establish his own style and movement. In saying this, it also required four portfolio submissions attempts in order to finally study  at the Art School. His work engages through emotions, ideas and the fascinations of forms, lines, space, dimension, juxtaposition and the harmonious  flow through aesthetic representations. The extension of expressions forms a sense of light heartiness, essence of youth, humor or adventurousness, through the characteristics in relation to abstraction. All of this has been created from his own interest in expressionist and neo expressionist painting.

Brian started his lifestyle as a young artist at 2006 working alongside Master Teh. His Master Hock Aun Teh artist taught him to express himself and to explore endless possibilities. In April 2007 he moved into his own studio next to Master Teh's. In July he participated in an art project for two weeks organized by the Athens School of Fine Arts in Rethymno, Crete. The Utopia Project published a book including Brian's working space. Right after that project, he travelled abroad to China, Beijing for a great opportunity with private lessons from famous artist, Jun Rui Wang. Although he was offered to study there he knew he had to remain among western culture to challenge the possible boundaries. His young artist career in 2008 was rewarded with a unique award on his final HND course at College for Outstanding Student In School of Hospitality, Sport & Creative Arts.  He went onto have a series of exhibitions in Glasgow and London.

In March 2012 he showcased a sample of his work in a Fashion show at SWG3 hosted by Supermax. In June that same year at The Glasgow School of Art Brian showcased a unique and positive vibe: a Popup Boutique installation showcasing  the concept of the fusion between Art and Fashion and forming an artistic lifestyle within the creative industry. After Graduation, Brian began to evolve into Scotland's HIP art and fashion scene. His extension of art onto garments, a mode of direction to exhibit his work in much broader perspective is inevitably going to gain attention. Brian believes it's a lifestyle; we live it so let's wear it!

R. In a short period of time you have achieved and attained a great deal of success. Has it changed you?
BC. I constantly challenge myself and strive for perfection as technically and expressively as possible in order to be better in what I love to do. To me, the time flies by and I believe hard work, believing in your passions and determinations have allowed to me where I am now. My experiences haven't changed who I am but I am definitely more aware of other possibilities, which has allowed me to develop further.

Title: Me, Myself and I
R. In your early days, you started with the more traditional methods of painting on canvas. Tell us about this time and how would you describe your style?
BC. I believe that to be great in anything you have to perfect your skills in order to grow. I am used to working very analytically to produce very delicate and detailed artworks. I wanted my work to be consistent and to appear as real and as accurate as possible. I always make sure to include every single variety of colors and marks that I can visually see in all aspects of my work.

Title: Mesmerized
R. A lot of your work are impressions of you. What is the message your are trying to convey?
BC. I wish to convey the message of expressing the importance of an individuals passion and style. I feel that you should always articulate what you feel and follow what really interests you. Above all, make sure to stay true to who you are as art should be a very personal subject to undertake, just like writing lyrics to music. It requires ideas, emotions, courage and confidence to form one experience into a journey. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Title: My Face
R. In 2007 you ventured of to Beijing China to be mentored by renown artist Jun Rui Wang. Tell about the experience you had and what did the great master teach you?
BC. At first I didn't what to expect or what I will gain from opportunity. The experience was an eye opener from its culture and history to its traditional assets. Meeting the professor who could only speaks a little bit of English was challenge to overcome. It was difficult for me to understand whenever the professor started to talk in his own language! I had no idea what was going on throughout the journey. Instead, sign languages were used and he pointed out areas around his studio for me to draw. The professor also demonstrated some drawings and showed me his paintings and how his painting were all expressed from his imagination. As the days passed, I remember one lesson where I had to draw and gain experience from a group of people in the city. I came across an assembly of people dancing and exercising. I remembered that moment; captured it and expressed those journeys onto my sketchbook. I learned anything is possible and can be an inspiration; just let your imagination go freely and it enables you to go through a whole spectrum of emotions and ideas to create artworks. Neptune is the limit; at least, I like to think so.

Title: Imaginary Musical Instrument
R. In recent times you took your artistic ability in even further by entering the world of fashion. What led to this path and are you likely to remain in this field?
BC.  I believe art is used and seen everywhere around us. I wanted to broaden my perspectives and achieve greater values to challenge my creative force. The journey is fresh and I believe I have a lot to offer to the creative industry. Yes, I will remain in this field until, artists who i aspire to be like such as Vivienne Westwood and WILL.I.AM can see what I can do and collaborate with like minded creative people to extend the possibilities to a greater achievement. In addition, I hope to work with Pop Bands. I am excited to triumph over new obstacles that await me as I have a lot of faith in my potential ability. I am bursting to be known to make my mark on who I am in the world. RAWR. BC.

Title: Waistcoat and Handbag Sculpture
Last but not Least...

R. You are commissioned by the Department of Education in the UK as the new appointed head designer of public uniforms. For centuries the public sector has witnessed generations of children wearing checked table cloth uniforms without any style or personality. What will you design that will change and leave a lasting impression for future generations?
BC. Having the fantastic opportunity I would create public uniforms that can be worn and seen as enjoyable, exciting and stylish. I would incorporate an interesting mix of patterns, textures and materials and bold forms of color choice to express an exciting uniform. This will surely grab attention and with removable badges, which can be swapped and changed with friends, it will make the uniform fun and gain more interaction. This I feel is very important during education times, especially for children. The time for change is near and I believe the reign of repetitiveness, unexciting and shapeless uniforms are over. Bring on the energetic, lively and colorful revolution; I'll help to take you there!

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