Vesna Pesic, aka BECHA was born in Serbia and is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Her work is characterized by collage technique a kaleidoscope of varies artistic mediums. After years of working as an art director at Fried Pictures studio in Belgrade, she decided to explore new avenues as  freelance artists and works for varies agencies in the UK. Her work has been published in various magazines, such as; computer arts, digital arts, advanced adobe photoshop and in a published book about contemporary collage, titled "Cutting Edges" (Gestalten). Her work has also being featured in ELLE, Eni International, Telenor, Playboy, Yamaha and Universal music. Her work pushes the boundaries of design by elevating the viewers senses. Her use of surrealism, illustration, design and digital mash up reconstruction brings much delight to her imaginative creations.

R. In your own words describe to us your own style of work?
BECHA. Visually, my work is a mix of influences by Bosch, Dali, Bruegel, De Chirico. I love to use strong contrast, vintage gamma, clear surfaces with textures and patterns. My work is mostly connected with some personal meanings but reflected in situations with strange people, in a surreal environment. I like to explore while I am working. Rarely I make sketches, I usually have a clear idea of what I am doing (speaking of personal works) but that's the best part of my process, that's how I am having fun doing it. Also, my style is very versatile and depends on many things. I think that it's important to experiment and try out new stuff, new techniques, and never stop refreshing your work with some new knowledge either through stories you've heard, movies you've watched or a book you're reading, it all affects your work on many levels and it nourishes yourself from the inside which is important for developing and upgrading ones work and style.

R. What does "being creative" mean to you?
BECHA. Being able to see the world from another perspective and have the ability and need to change  it for the better. Without creativity, the world would be one dull and dark space.

R. Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?
BECHA. Well, as every child, I loved to draw and make stuff from different things. Even though I had dolls, my sister and I liked to make our own dolls from paper. They weren't pretty as Barbie for sure but nobody really cared then. So, by the time, I realized that creating stuff and expressing my self in art is something that makes me happy and satisfied. I went ahead followed by guts.  I never regretted my choice to commit my time to this profession cause very often I have the feeling that I'm still making my ugly little dolls while I'm earning money for life.

R. What are you trying to communicate with your art?
BECHA. Truth is I really don't know. I admire people who know how to make art with strong  messages, and socially engaged posters. Whilst I am creating art, I am not trying to get to someones mind except, when  I'm working with a client who requests that. So I need to carry their message to people but when it's about my personal work, then it's all in searching for personal meanings. I like to explore so I am giving  the chance for viewers to explore stories in my works. They are not so abstract so you can recognize symbolic and raciness in characters and relations between them. They mostly talk about human characteristics, attitude, nonsense in everyday life, death, truth and lies all the connections between rational and irrational…

R. What role does the artist have in society?
BECHA. To refine this world and the human mind. To ask questions, to care about cultural heritage and improve it, to work on opening minds and expanding horizons. After all, every human being should work more on this.

Last but not Least…

R. Share with us something funny that has happened to you recently?
BECHA. Instead of just telling you something that I found funny, I will quote a really funny line from artists Slavimir Stojanovic who had an exhibition recently in Belgrade "You are an idiot. Please, act so accordingly". He said: "Life is a very serious thing. I think we all should wear black and not talk to each other at all, that way we can all learn more about ourselves. Also, we should cry more. That way we  can wash our eyes so we can see better. Seeing is believing. I believe we should stop smiling; it gets on other, normal people's nerves. Maybe we should sleep all the time, but not dream; dreams are so last week. Otherwise, I am cool."

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