Lauren Rudolph

Lauren Rudolph was born in 1977 and grew up in Chestnut Ridge NY. Art was always a form of expression for her and a way to channel life experiences. Lauren began her college education at the School of Visual Arts and received a BA in Fine Arts from the University at Albany. It was her intention to become an art teacher with the hopes of inspiring young people to connect with their inner artists. Life had other plans and in 2001 Lauren moved to Florida and started a mural and flaux painting business. In 2002 she came back to New York and continued her business until the birth of her first daughter Ava in 2008. As Ava grew, Lauren was very inspired but her need to create and in 20011 she opened an art studio for children ages 3 through 6 called the Little Light Art Studio. The name of the school comes from the gospel children's song "This Little Light Of Mine" which is an expression of the fact that we all have something special that needs to be shared. After the birth of her son Gabriel in 2012 Lauren's creative spark was reignited and once again she is aligned with her path, creating art that expresses connection and speaks from her soul. Lauren currently has an exhibition of her work running to the end of May at Maria Luisa Boutique, Nyack NY.

R. In your own words describe to us your own style of work?
LR. I would call my paintings stylized. Someone recently used the word lyrical, which I really love. There are elements of realism and fantasy that coexist creating a balance that I find intriguing. I love to use mixed media including paint, ink, paper, gold leaf, etc because to me various materials make the world of the painting open up. There are no limitations.

R. What do you think are the qualities that define an artist?
LR. I think an artist is a person that looks beneath the surface of life and notices and absorbs everything around them. We look at life and all that is within in it from many different angles. Artists are very intense and have very profound energy that needs to be channeled. They are very passionate people with strong ideas and feelings. If you combine these qualities with the desire to grow and develop their skill, you have magic.

R. During your time in Florida you worked as a mural artist. Do you consider painting murals more of a challenge than working on a canvas?
LR. I feel like painting on a canvas is more challenging in ways that I love and value. I by nature am not a patient person and there is a lot of patience that is required in creating a smaller work. Achieving detail and really focusing on each and every inch is very important to me when painting on canvas. My desire is to draw people in rather than just make a quick impression. This pushes me more than mural painting and helps me grow as an artist.

R. Why did you choose to do portraits? 
LR. For as long as I can remember I have drawn and painted people's faces.  For whatever reason this is my passion. it is really not a choice but a calling. People are fascinating to me and eyes more specifically are mesmerizing. I can tell a story through a portrait and connect with the person and through this person. I have had an idea recently which is to paint portraits of people how they see their true selves. What is your dream for yourself? Who would be if you would allow yourself to truly claim all that your are? It would be my goal to bring these desires to life through the portrait.

R. Can you tell us how you go about making a painting. Do you make studies first or work from drawings, before you apply them to canvas?
LR. I am open to inspiration, a word, a song, an image, a thought. Once I have an idea i find a picture and do a quick sketch on paper. on the back of the paper I write the intention I would like to express through my painting. I then take a deep breath, let the nerves out and start to draw on the canvas. The start of each painting is emotional. It kind of feels like, "here we go!" The journey begins.

R. What are you trying to communicate with your art?
LR. I am trying to communicate connection with ourselves and with others through my paintings. I feel like we all need to connect and to learn to truly see. I had said earlier that artists look below the surface of life. I feel that everyone needs to do that. What is within us, calling us, inspiring us. I hope to bring up those questions for people through my work. 

R. Throughout the month of May you're exhibiting your work in one of the most artistic communities of the River Hudson Vally in Nyack, NY. What else is on the horizon?
LR. In June I will be a participating artists in an Art Walk which is an event in Nyack, NY. There is also a new group of artists in Nyack called the Nyack Arts Collective that I am apart of. Every artists is selected to exhibit their works in various businesses around town. Then in July I will be showing and selling my work at an art retreat in New Jersey, which should be an interesting experience. Other than these two things, have commissions that I am working on. I am trying to take one step at a time. I have two children at home under 5 who are truly my inspiration and I love spending time with them as well.

Last but not Least…

R. What role does the artist have in society?
LR. The role of art in society, I believe is to open peoples mind and hearts. Art is beauty and energy expressed for all to see, hear, taste and touch. What is more powerful than that? Creation is the essence of life and I am so grateful to be a part of that.

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