Anthony Rankin

Review: It goes without saying that the latest half-decade of pop music has been heavily motivated by1980's chic. But while a new age of iconic pop stars has ruled the charts, one truly gifted artist has patiently—but relentlessly—fashioned his life’s work under the radar.

Feeling, dynamics, great lyrical melodies, motivating musical beats and a fulfilling sound. Well now that's out there what else can I say?

Anthony Rankin seems to be a blast from the 80's to 90's pop culture. His musical compositions have a near perfect structure of instrumentation and effect. And by "near perfect" I mean go out and listen now as the distance from perfection is perfect . It's the allure of the music, the wit, and the charm of it's composition. 

The vocal tone reflects positively with what the instrumentation provides and without noticing you are caught amongst countering beats between tempo of lyrics and notes. There is soul and a flame under the well managed range of the vocal scale. And it is so good to hear traces of power ballads within some tracks. Mister mister, Peter Gabriel,  and Genesis meets a modern Shinedown/Calling sound with hints of Electronic RnB.

On a non music related side I found a neichè in the display of the website. You can see 'Blow This Hose Down" presented as a full album (which holds an easy to appreciate ad enjoy collaboration) but next to "Love Electrik" it states it is only part one... Instantly you're left curious and subconsciously craving. If this is indeed international it is a nice reminder of reprise and continuation of a project worth it's own saga. (Pink Floyd and The Eagles).

Anthony Rankin is an indisputable singer who is a virtuosic multi-instrumentalist, obsessive self-producer, exhilarating entertainer, and anything - but average songwriter.

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Anthony Rankin

Featured Writer: Jamez Kirby