Jazz Mills

Review: Born in San Angelo and now residing in Austin, TX, singer Jazz Mills has lent her angelic vocals to recordings with over 30 bands and performed with even more, collaborating  artists such as The Black Angels, The Kills, Cowboy and Indian, Leopold and His Fiction, Gemini Dreams, and The Indie Annas. The musical chameleon has graced the stages of The  Austin City Limits Festival, New LA Folk Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and Denton 35 Festival to name a few.  

Break out the Juke box, slick back your hair and put your best foot forward because this artist is straight from the 50's. Anyone who hears this singers sweet tones will long for those post war shores of the states. Where the diners breath the lights of those promising brighter days. How sweet many a day must of been. The turn from those ballroom days to the real rock 'n'roll dancing halls echoes from each line.

From appearance to audio she emanates the feeling from those evolutionary days. And I'm sorry to say that I just really can't stop enjoying it. Lyrically and vocally... Well, analytically... The serene, sweet simplicity of her word play is enchanting with it's straight to the point attitude decorated finely with sweet self harmonies. Melodically easy to follow and predict so you will always feel safe and secure with what's going on.The instrumentation will catch you off guard though but get your foot tapping none the less. From the passing chords, bridge pickup sound of the guitar, tambourine, dance hall piano, hand claps and... Heres what got me... Tap dancing! Minimalist and practical!

Very reminiscent of the days of "lonesome town," "tears on my pillow" and "lollypop." with this style I could easily imagine either old blue eyes Frankie or more accurately Bobby Darin getting excited at the thought of being involved with what is going on.

I cannot express the brilliance of being introduced to this as an assignment,  only a few days before I sat with guitar in hand wondering when the style would find it's feet again. So if you fancy a lighthearted jaunt down memory lane or the sounds from the States golden past, you need to look no further than the one and only Jazz Mills. Lose yourself and love every moment with this voice and her astonishing band.
Her debut self titled EP will be out on November 12, 2013. As a new mom and lover of her community, Jazz Mill strives to make music that unites, inspires, and comforts. Highly recommended!

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Feature Writer; Jamez Kirby