Sarah Tracey

Sarah Tracey and the JetSet Quartet have brought their lively blend of sultry soul with a vintage kick to NYC’s most exclusive venues and events, including The Box, Sleep No More’s McKittrick Hotel, The Darby, Joe’s Pub, The Jazz Room at The General, The Flatiron Room, the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, and the legendary Copacabana. Their knockout live sets playfully bring together the high-energy retro grooves of ‘60s spy flicks with soul, surf, lounge, tango, and jazz noir.

On her debut album, the sexy and stylish Tell No One, Sarah Tracey slips into the stiletto boots and fearless drive of a glamorous spy girl, writing dizzy fantasies of jet-setting around the globe and uncovering decadent and dangerous secrets along the way… the perfect soundtrack for sipping your martini while reaching for the dynamite in your boot heel, escaping a helicopter while swinging your vintage convertible out of a mountain curve, or an undercover fling into a double agent’s lair.

In July, Sarah Tracey launched The Black Diamond, a murder mystery in five musical chapters inspired by her 2011 full-length album Tell No One (Modern Vintage Records). Paying homage to 1960s classic film noir, the video series follows a jaded New York detective who is drawn into a web of secrets surrounding an elusive femme fatale. The five-part series begins with an anonymous phone call that leads the detective to an underground nightclub where high-rolling thrill-seekers and low-life hustlers come together to indulge their vices every night. Presiding over this motley crew of revelers is a mysterious chanteuse whose sultry songs provide the smoky backdrop for this bleak scene. Right away, the audience is thrown into a cloud of mystery as we follow the footsteps of the detective who endeavors to uncover the truth from four unwitting murder suspects - all played by. Ms. Tracey.


Sarah Tracey’s concerts have been recommended as can’t-miss events by The Village Voice, The Aquarian, The New York Press, AM New York and Time Out, and her videos have been featured on AOL Music. She has been a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post and a guest on Sirius XM and Playboy Radio.

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