Review: At first sight, Astraea’s free-spirited nature and distinctive look showcases her original style, but her sound is what speaks tremendous volumes. Astraea recently released her newest single “Still Dancing”, was #3 Breakout on the Billboard’s Hot Dance Club List. Produced by Sven Martin & Julian Schramm and written by ASTRAEA, Katrina Noorbergen, Rob Clores, and Dimitri Ehrilich; the song showcases her modernist electro-pop backbone fused with a Euro twist of rhythms that would sway the most eclectic hips.

From one hell of a voice to one hell of a look Astraea has the potential entirety of the club scene at her finger tips. There is great grace in her range of style and sound not forgetting power of emotion in what she is singing. Her topics are easily relative and justified in their arrangement. I guess you could relate her to Kesha, Jessie J and the recent hit of Miley Cyrus, but there is a greater twist in this artist if you can actually hold for a moment, try not to enjoy what you're hearing and analyse it. OK, so how often within modern clubhouse music would you expect to hear original orchestral, classical undertones? Off the top of your head?

Well, from being lost in amazement myself I can tell you... It works amazingly! And the sheer mix is GENIUS. The sheer discovery was a sign of quality assurance.The thought and skill in every note, main line or over dub send you skyrocketing to a high that is hard to come back from. But on your way back down she has a few softer numbers to help you glide back to reality.Once more on range you can note the chronology of genre within this blinding light of an artist. Electronic bass lines with keys and strings remind you even of Mr Mister and Luther Van Dross... And we all lover a bit of Luther when we wanna get ourselves going!

It is easy to see the progress and potential future fortunes of Astraea's music. Especially since the change of the times to these modern days, but what you have to love is the way you hear her take hold of the times and mould them around her and loves every... last ... moment. Form heartache to euphoria she covers it all and if she doesn't catch your eye she'll definitely catch your ear to make you make a second take... And a third, fourth, firth...

Once you've got hooked on the sound and can no longer stand to flick through soudclouds buffering times you may find yourself in withdrawal from your itunes download sequence because you've just went and bought the album. So take a breath knowing all good things come with time and from the moment you press play let me reassure you... "good" is almost insult to the brilliance of what Astraea's got going on. 

The remix package was released digitally on iTunes August 20th and includes remixes by the legendary Rich Morel, GRAMMY nominated remixer Bill Hamel, American Heavyweights Sin Morera & Fumi, Serial Refixer Chew Fu, and more. In 2010, Astraea debuted her first EP, “Dirty Blonde”, which jumpstarted her career with music critics crediting the EP’s single as the “perfect club song”.  Following the release, Astraea earned a spot on Music Connection’s Top 100 Live Unsigned Artists and was specially selected to be the face of Dirty Blonde Cocktails, a line of premium champagne cocktails carried in Target and BevMo stores nationwide.

To Hear and learn more about Astraea go to:
I Am Astraea
Astraea Music

Feature Writer: Jamez Kirby


Anonymous said…
Listening to her music is like a narcotic. You want more and more.