Review: If Peter Greene had a hand in their early days of Pink Floyd I truly believe Skunkmello would be a phenomenal tribute band, however, this is no recital and Skunkmello have tailored their own sound their own way. So is my introduction void... The only answer to that lies in your opinion of the examples of the more known artists. Skunkmello may have made a title for their psychedelic/prog - rock sound but that is by no means their limits. You can find strong Reggae vibes in their compositions as well as classical traces in their guitar work... Not to mention elements of folk in their lyricism.

These in mind (though only brief in example) Skunkmello are true to their sound and style, traits of genre may change but they have honed in and refined their own sound.I stress this fact as having individuality is a key to the media market, no matter your sound as long as it is yours rather than a "sound alike" you will forever hold a place within music history.If you are too young to recall the birth of prog-rock (Nazareth, Floyd, Zappa, Zeppelin) but are curious to see what the hype is all about, you can find nearly every reference to its development within Skunkmello.This look backward at the music that revolutionised the 70/80's is by no means a step in the same direction, but a salute and evolution to what was.So should you be browsing for that specific sound that changed the lives of thousands (if not millions) in a fresh new voicing, I shall give you a name and the name is Skunkmello.

On the other hand if you are a fan of the old sound in these new days Skunkmello are definitely a band to add to your collection.From delay and effects pedals to the Hendrix born evolution of the electric guitar, musically you can find it here as well as the raw "singin' 'coz I can" attitude of the vocals which blend with ease, suit and style to the acquired aspirations of the instrumentation. Their EP Lowlife Dreams is out now!

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By; Jamez Kirby