The Big Takeover

Review: Get your glad-rags on for this intense Swing/Ska/Caribbean fusion that will fill your soul with joy and excitement. Ladies and gentlemen I proudly present to you The Big Take Over!
This seven piece ... (thought of a word more awesome than band) THRIVING MELODIC ORGANISM will have you strutting the streets with pure soul in your heart.Seriously, the sheer amount of effort even in the attempt to dislike their feel and sound would leave you exhausted before you even reached a moderate skepticism.

The lyrics: hold nothing but worth and fair reason, at times there are moments of seriousness but even those phrases are accompanied by the  charming smile and glint in the eye of the word play and heart throbbing vocals. It truly is a message of "yes, life's a long old road but there's never nothing not to hold a smile about" and before I even have reached the mid point of this review I have summed up the band in a single line... Let's continue though
The vocals: the warm and vibrant sound of almost euphoric soul with a hint of attitude makes you brim with a subconscious confidence as you progress through their work, one begins to reach out and grasp for the forthcoming notes that the singer hurls with great strength and accuracy,  upon  the receipt of her words we are left clutching them close to our chests as to not lose them or the prized feeling that they are presented so marvellously with...

Instrumentation: the musicianship is tight! The perfectly gathered group hold enough strength and dynamic not to have the experience be overwhelming or blurred as to who is doing what. The Big Take Over are a prime example that one of the many points of being a Great musician is realising that no matter how good you are, one must realise what they CAN'T do on their own. It's a seven way split of creative talent and flare and with that many raging rays of musical passion how could interest ever fade to boredom.

Each and every one of them finds space for their own talent to shine through and in these moments they are backed by people who hold strength of belief in each others worth and skill... And you CAN hear that admiration, it adds an almost profound texture to each bar of their score.
So there you have it...
A group of people with a feel good flame,  loving what they do, enjoying what each other do and doing it magnificently...So chase them up and let them show you that when all's down, that song we all have in our hearts is forever something to smile about.

Upcoming Shows
12/07/13 Bacchus - New Paltz, NY
12/13/13 Red Square - Burlington, VT
12/31/13 Liberty Public House - Rhinebeck, NY
01/18/14 The Falcon - Marlboro, NY
01/24/14 Gallagher's Club Pub - Oneonta, NY
01/31/14 Olive's - Nyack, NY
02/01/14 Olive Ridley's - Plattsburgh, NY

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By;Jamez Perez