Review: Get your motor running because rock 'n roll has a new face! It gives me great satisfaction to be allowed to introduce "Aloud" and start your journey into their musical majesty with those they share place within their genre. The Kinks, Journey, Boston, Black Sabbath and you hadn't guessed from my introduction Steppenwolf. These are the names that would spring to mind  with the playing style of the instrumentation, But the hidden gem within their talented treasury lies in the vocals with a post Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks. The piece I am focusing on in this review is their current track "A Little Bit Low", from their forthcoming album It's Got to Be Now which will be out on 4/1/14.

There's angst with a feel good motivating ambition within the sound of the guitar. Perfectly mixing chord structure with rock melodic licks. And, these powerful, but trashy licks repeat throughout the song, never over working the sound, but always letting you know right where you are keeping you enjoy where you are going. The heated and driving feel of the bass and the drums keep the pulse of the track bursting with life, and once you latch onto it you discover a track that will never die in the hearts of 70/80s rock fans.

But allow me to brag once more of the brilliance of the vocals. Female vocals in rock are rare, but blindingly brilliant! The force, range and emotional power in Aloud's ensemble holds the raw down on your knees, crying to the sky. It is just plain sexy! I was already foot tapping to the introduction, but the start of verse one had my jaw drop and my heart race. The male harmonies for the backing vocals are perfectly in place to add to both hooks and dynamics. From the verse's instrumentation, chorus' harmonies, dynamic middle eight drop and relative lyrics the whole song is catchier than a cold and equally contagious to those who listen. So turn up your speakers, get your ears on the tracks, pulse and listen to talent Aloud!

To hear and learn more about Aloud go to:
A Little Bit Low

By. Jamez Kirby