Ann Sophie

Ann Sophie was born in London and moved to Germany at a young age.She always had the urge to come to America to pursue her career. As she finished High School in 2010, the next step was clear. By the end of the year she would move to New York!

The moment she set foot on New York ground, she found out about Richie Cannata’s Monday Night Jam @ The Bitter End and she fell in love with it. In April 2011, Ann Sophie has started writing and composing her own music. She bought herself a keyboard, a microphone and started recording her music with Garage Band which soon bored her…because she wanted more! So she showed her recordings to Richie, who suggested to record her music at his studio “Cove City Sound Studios” out in Long Island.

In February 2012, she produced and recorded her first Demo-Album “Time” with Eren Cannata, who suggested her to Jared Lapidus who shot her first Music Video. It was shot in May 2012 to her single “Get Over Yourself”.

Her full length album Time Extended produced by Eren Cannata - son to industry legend and famed Billy Joel saxophonist Richie Cannata. Recorded on Long Island at Cove City Sound Studios, the 10 track debut album illustrates the elements of jazz, soul, pop, and rock that Eren Cannata to the rising star after she performed at his Monday Night Jam at New York City's Bitter End. Time Extended is out now!

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