Hilary Woods

Review: How could I sum up "The River Cry" otherwise known as Hilary Wood? Graceful, enchanting but also irrefutably haunting. There is a minimalism in her music that leaves great space for her music leaves great space for her themes and words to reach out and touch the audience. The space allows time for her melodies to take place amongst ones own memories and to linger past the final seconds of the track. 

Her music can be core shaking but at the same time soothing; and as one is held in this perfect point of balance we wait a drop. We await a fall fro the world that is made around us by Hilary's work... The drop being the return to our own reality. The music is that of thought and intellect with it's continued understanding of impact in absence of sound, meanwhile the lyricism is well thought and scripted poetry with some sublime traditional folk themes.

Granted "The River Cry" will not fill the dance floors but having heard Hilary you wouldn't expect her to nor would you you want nor request. Her sound and style are constant. From one track to another you know what to expect, thanks to her finely crafted relationship to her writings and the relationship that follows on to her audience. For this, she is truly an artist for people. All in all Hilary writes music to allow her audience to breathe, to pause, ponder and refresh. Just as she holds to each pause between notes, her followers hold too for their own chance to take time...

If I could sum up Hilary Woods I would say her music is the clam of night before the storm of day. But it is strange to think as one comes to rest, that such a haunting but peaceful sound can come from hearing The River Cry. Hilary who hails from Dublin, Ireland will release her next EP later in 2014. Her current EP is available now on Soundcloud.

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Hilary Woods

Jamez Kirby
UK. Correspondent