Review: Memoir: Definition: Autobiographical description of one's life emotions, events and experiences. Memoir: article relevant description: Los Angeles based Indie/Soul trio. And, with the reference to personal experience mentioned in their title, the topic of their latest single is aptly named. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you "Los Angeles" by Memoir. For those who have never been, but hold the city of dreams for later days, I suggest a listen, as within the verses a brief map of landmarks is depicted accompanied by an almost synthetic city sound of dynamic instrumentation.

The song is simply a slow motion clubhouse smash! With its rhumba rhythm contrasting against a steady bass and syllabic symmetry, there is no doubt that the listener will have walked away with essences of the track echoing in their mind. And echoes are what the song seems to be about. There is a sense of belonging in the singers vocalized desire... A song of ghosts and thoughful nostalgia that comes from the familiarity of holding still for too long. A want of more but knowing that the place we move from will miss us as much as we miss it. And this works on two levels.

1. Sentiment: for all the highs and lows, the underlying worth of a place has been expressed. And I have never found a subject in a song that truly didn't matter to the composer. The song is a metaphorical handshake with the location, sang with respect even with the underlying hints of heartache from experience.

2. The universal want to be more, the struggle for progress that is known as life. We all have this, crawling to walking, schooling to working, growing up and moving out, being single to having a family. We live, laugh, lament, love, linger, lose and fall. What this song it about is getting back up and pushing forward for our dreams. Only sung with some truly hypnotic harmonies.

And so I end with a smirk to my ending line encouraging the reader to listen to the Memoirs aid of Los Angeles. Their new single "Los Angeles" is off their upcoming full-length album Fire In Me, out spring 2014.

To hear and learn more about Memoir go to:
Los Angeles

By; Jamez Kirby