The Moog

After three critically acclaimed LPs of guitar-driven pop-rock finesse, The Moog-Hungary's hottest export - are back on the scene with a new single, a new sound, and a sleek new video. After a short break to recharge their batteries, the band drove head first into writing for their new EP. A truly international effort, the band wrote and recorded across the globe, everywhere from Budapest to the sunny beaches of Florida. Then it was off to Los Angeles to link up with legendary Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons,The sounds, Fleetwood Mac) for mixing. The first single "Unbound" find The Moog commanding the rich sounds of New Wave and Synth Pop to great effect in a highly-stylized clip that expertly evokes the classic videos of the early 80s: the fearless fashions, the bold colors, and the steely seduction.

In an all-white room, singer Tonyo Szabò - in a striking black and white striped blazer - snaps his fingers very seriously to the beat, setting the tempo and the mood. Bassist Csaba Szabò sits at a grand piano, with drummer Gergö Dorozsmai suggestively sprawled out on top of it, wearing only a pair of jeans. Guitarist Miguel György - in all black plays an iconic telecaster. All the while, "Unbound" - a tale of love, pain and longing - provides intoxicating soundtrack to match the powerful imagery, inspiring an emotional and rhythmic response.

The Moog- whose ample songcraft was on full display on past singles "When I See You" and "I Wanna Take You To Paris" naturally deliver a gem with "Unbound." This song was designed for the dance floor. Synths pulse and pump to the beat while Szabò delivers a simmering vocal performance that builds to a stunning refrain that recalls the best of Depeche Mode and the Human League combined with the sounds of current Eurodisco heard today in clubs... from London, Stockholm, NYC and, of course, Budapest.

Unbound is out now and available on iTunes

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