Hunt for Hunter

Release: "Hunt for Hunter is a folk-rock duo, comprised of Michael Hunter on violin, guitar and vocals and Ian Hunt on Cajon, guitar and vocals.  Born out of Hunter’s solo album “A Chance to Shine“, Hunt for Hunter is a blend of both musicians’ diverse musical backgrounds: classical and bluegrass, hard rock and folk, many different genres find a home in this surprisingly big-sounding little band.  A typical performance will find Hunter singing and playing the violin while Hunt plays Cajon with his feet and guitar simultaneously.  It’s an unusual setup, but one that allows for a full, organic sound that perfectly suits their blues/folk-oriented style.

The two multi-instrumentalists spent their first year as a band playing a weekly gig at a local bar in the East Village, writing new material and tightening their sound.  With their recently released self-titled EP and a unique, energetic live show, Hunt for Hunter is ready to emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the New York City music scene."

Hunt for Hunter new EP is out now and available HERE

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