Dream Version

(Chicago) Dream Version is a Chicago indie pop band, influenced in equal parts by punk, surf, girl groups, and dance music. They are Eric Brummitt (guitar), Alec Jensen (vocals, bass), and Michael Kunik (drums).

The gentlemen of Dream Version met as teachers at a Chicago elementary school. One way their day jobs have influenced their music is through their desire to make the complicated seem simple. Dream Version songs follow a labyrinthine path through choruses, bridges, and chord and tempo changes, but arrive in an agreeable, immediate, compact pop package. The listener’s first reaction might be a sugar high, but this band offers far more to sustain the appetite.

Photo Credit: New Belgium Brewing 
The band recorded their first full-length at Chicago's legendary Pieholden Suite Sound. The final product was Beginners, released in 2015, a diverse collection of idiosyncratic songs about making mountains out of molehills. The record received praise and airplay from a variety of Chicago sources.

Dream Version songs are about making mountains out of molehills. They find psychological drama in activities as simple as walking a dog, getting in a car, or watching TV. Their protagonists struggle, sometimes feebly, sometimes mightily, against their own petty neuroses. The result is alternately frustrating, inspiring, and funny.

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