Shannon Garcia

(New York, NY) Cincinnati-based indie artist, Shannon Garcia releases new EP fnExists. The four-track EP offers something for all types of indie music lovers, ranging from softer melodies to more upbeat, indie-pop tracks. The EP is an especially personal passion project for the artist, as she wrote and played all instrumentation in fnExists.

The first track “Question” features a more indie-pop, catchy sound that speaks to personal heartbreak and the events that lead up to the demise of a relationship. Shannon Garcia infuses her lyrics with her personal experience of loving someone, but losing that love and having to walk away when they are no longer being respectful. The next track, “Seventeen”, features a slowed down, folk sound.

“Spooky Action At A Distance”, previously released as a single off the EP, is a gentle melody of guitars and percussion underlay Garcia’s airy vocals, amounting to a calming listen that inspires both empathy and wonder. The track features Garcia haunted by memories of someone long gone, yet optimistic about moving forward on her own. As the third track on her EP, she expresses her thoughts through beautifully crafted lyrics, saying, “It’s so distracting, how I try to understand why, at the most inopportune times, you occupy my mind ... With the end in mind, I’ll start over.”

The EP winds down with a piano-heavy, emotional track “Reminders” that centers around the lessons that are learned through life’s mistakes and making peace with your past in order to move forward with bigger and better things. Shannon Garcia is very open about the hardships she has faced in the past, and she pours this emotional vulnerability into her music through her crafted lyrics, impassioned vocals, and indie sound.

The artist, who goes by Shannon Garcia and the Taken when she performs, got her start after Garcia moved from Raleigh, NC to Cincinnati, OH where she met percussionist and backing vocalist of indie rock group Why?, Josiah Wolf. He would later introduce her to fellow Why? member Matt Meldon (guitar), and she herself stumbled upon the talents of Jess Lamb and Warren Harrison at their regular gig at Japp’s in Cincinnati.

In 2016, heartbreak led Garcia to find herself through creating music. She picked up the familiar bass clarinet and received lessons from Lamb (piano), Meldon (guitar), and Wolf (drums). With her new talents, Garcia teamed up with Wolf, who used his own studio to produce fnExists, which features Garcia playing a vast array of traditional and unconventional instruments. You can catch Shannon Garcia and the Taken on tour this summer starting June 20th in Raleigh, NC at The Night Rider.

Tour Dates
6.20 - Raleigh, NC The Night Rider
6.21 - Chapel Hill, NC Local 506
6.23 - Cincinnati, OH THE COMET
6.24 - Chicago, IL The Owl
6.25 - Iowa City, IA Gabe's Iowa City
6.26 - Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
6.27 - Omaha, NE Pageturners Lounge
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