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The Neo-Kalashnikovs are a staunchly rock 'n' roll band from Auckland City, New Zealand. Over the past few years they have been musically based in Los Angeles, California. Since being formed in 2007 by siblings Volita Pearl (singer/guitar) and Moss Bioletti (drums) the band with a rotation of different bassists has slowly but surely cultivated an underground following with their melodic intellectual rock sound. The Neos sight The Stooges, Kasabian, Blur and Autolux among some of their influences as well as 90s grunge rock and Charles Bukowski. They are currently back in New Zealand recording their debut album "She's on Heat" and will be joined by their younger sibling Gabriel Bioletti on bass.

Revolution spoke directly with drummer Moss Bioletti from his home in Auckland City to talk about their new album and what's hot in kiwi land.

R. You Kiwis have a strong sense of music. In the past we were all blown away by the infamous Spilt Enz/Crowded House collaborative forces of the Finn brothers, what can the rest of the world expect to hear from you?
MS. I think the Finn brothers are awesome! They are right up there with my all time favorite NZ band "Dragon". The world however can expect to hear a raw and thunderous rock n roll sound from us, Gibson guitar driven with a lot of Italian bass. There's no half measures with us, think along the lines of The Stooges, Nirvana, The White Stripes and PJ Harvey. Definitely nothing to pretty, just dirty honest rock. Lead singer/songwriter Volita Pearl is obsessed with upholding the art of rock music and is very much traditionalist.

R. Where on earth did you come up with such a name like "The Neo-Kalashnikovs"?
MB. We had to part ways with our original bassist Alex Abraham due to musical differences. He was obsessed with Nick Cave's murder ballads and bless his little cotton-soft heart he wanted us to do them as covers all the time, but we weren't having any of it. We were called "The Kalashnikovs" at the time so we just decided to stick a "Neo" in front of it and rock even harder.

R. Tell us about what's hot NOW in New Zealand in terms of music?
MB. There's a bit of a lull in terms of good NZ music. NZ is dealing with a very corrupt government music funding system here at the moment where really shit, ass kissing, suck up, mummies-boy bands get thousands of dollars of tax payer money and make really bad albums, as well as getting radio air time  and media coverage for these grotesque creations. But I'm thinking there will be a REVOLUTION soon. There are however great underground rock bands like: Freaky Meat, Murray Haddow, Beach Pigs, The Never Nudes and Igor who are hot and still fighting the good fight!

R. What's next for the Neos?
MB. We are going to be rehearsing like demons before recording our debut album which for us is going to be a massive undertaking. We really want it to be the best rock album it can, but we are going to try and have as much fun as we can in the process and not worry to much. After that's done and dusted we will be getting back on the road and taking it for a spin, playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, then carrying on to Europe where we want to hangout in Paris and learn some french.

R. Drummers have always been the jokesters in the rock n roll industry, yet they are the backbone of any band. Other than your own music, what artist/band or favorite drummer inspires you?
MB. Keith Moon. he got so far and he couldn't play the drums. hahaha

Last but not Least...

R. Dr. Who has just arrived at your house in a time machine, where are you going and who will you take with you?
MB. It'd be a huge time machine so we could take everyone who wants to come, Dr.Who time machine party!!! Destination: Woodstock.

The Neo-Kalashnikovs
Volita Pearl - singer/guitar
Moss Bioletti - Drums


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