Rebel with a Cause

Jasmine "Jazz" Hudson is a twenty two-year-old gal from Oakland, California. She could be best described as a modern day rebel who has a good cause...
Her punch in your face poetic words, deliver an empowering message that is renown, and on bar to that of Mr. Henry Rollins aka Henry Rollins Band (black flag) an influential spoken word artists as-well. However, different in their deliverance Jazz as she prefers to go by, has managed to cause quite a riot.

In her young career this single mother, community activist, poet, writer and actress brings to her audience a "Tour de Force" of words that announces the harsh realities of growing up in America and the ongoing struggles that many of today's youth are still facing, particularly those in the black communities.

Revolution had the pleasure to speak with this feisty young rebel and get insight on her views about the world, directly from her home in Oakland, California.

R. You're poetry stems from a very deep and rooted place, something that not everyone can talk about, tell us about your experiences?
JH. Growing up in Oakland you will experience many things at a young age. At 12  I entered the Foster care system during that time I had been in 10 group homes and six fox foster homes and 15 schools. Also experienced being raped by a boy I was dating at the time. My writing become a way for me to deal with those issues. It was the only way for me to vent. As I got older I realized I wasn't the only young black girl dealing with these issues in Oakland. So I started performing my poetry in hopes to inspire and bring healing to young girls like me. "I write for my people to be free".

R. You are of young age and already are considered the Malcolm X of this  generation, How much of your spoken word has influenced your community?
JH. I do not consider myself nor to my knowledge have I ever been referred to as the Malcolm X of my generation. I'm not sure how much my spoken word has influenced my community, I only know about how my community has influenced me.

R. As a poet, actress, mother, activist, teacher, student and artists you've set the bar pretty high when it comes to being a role model. What one thing do you fell has helped the most, to influence many young people of your generation particularly young women?
JH. "Ground zero is the best place for a garden" My big sister and mentor Queen God Is told this to me at a time when life couldn't get any worse. What I took from that is the knowing that everything I do in life is planting the a seed for a harvest, for you recap what you sow. I'm conscious of that.

R. Where do you get your inspiration from?
JH. My 1st first inspiration is myself. I've learned that I have learned to believe in me before anyone else. Some of my greatest inspiration comes from my son and my community. I'm also inspired by poets Gill Scott Heron, Queen D, Ise Lyfe, Queen God Is... the list goes on.

R. What are you working on next?
JH. I just recently finish my chap book my book " Small Minds Say Small Things". Currently I'm working on my autobiography through poetry, also I'm co staring in an upcoming play directed by Achebe Hoskins.

R. When you're not rapping words inside your head, what artists/band do you listen to for inspiration?
JH. I love Janelle Monae, Kings of Leon, Mos Def, Kendrick Lamar, Nina Simone. The list goes on.   The  song I'm currently playing on repeat is Cold War by Janelle Monae

Last but not Least...

R. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara and Gandhi all fought for social justice. They were in many ways spoken word poets of their time, they left us a legacy that changed and implemented a whole new outlook on how to be more excepting of one another. What last spoken words do you leave us?
JH. You can choose your words rash like sword thrust but the tongue of the wise brings healing some might call it persuasive voodoo small minds will miss quick when a prophetess speaks I will only revel myself to those who are humble and meek the gift of gab behind cruel intent can make a righteous man weak I assure you kings sip wisdom from these lips like wine I will leave you drunken their can be no honesty without slur for the  drunken tells no lies there is truth in my eyes no power other than the God in me my dyslexic thoughts decode.
My stories to stories untold no slither in my tongue or split my father gave to me some might call it persuasive voodoo but hearts catch what minds miss so keep this in mind gracious words are like honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. In your word you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned. So I will let mines wind chime through cracked city walls like my ancestors spirit listen closely I pray you can it.