The kid with da Beat!

A.T. Hails from Salisbury, North Carolina but also grew up in Concord, North Carolina. he started writing books at the age of 9 and later transitioned into writing songs.He later began making music  and by 14, recorded his first song on a karaoke machine with his brother's turntables. His Parents and Brother influenced his taste in music as they constantly had The Commodores, The Rollings Stones, Elton John, Parliament, Led Zepplin and Gangstarr.

In 2010, A.T began pursuing music on a full-time basis and released his first solo mix tape, "Love, Death, and A Straight Jacket". He describes his style as smooth, direct, and off beat with no structure, because he believes that any artist can rap on beat, but it is of the utmost importance to make a song your own. His Production team included new up and coming producers such as TheDeadBeatz, DenverCallahan, Flick and ClassiCal.

Revolution had the opportunity to speak with A.T and get all the scoop on whats he is mixing up next.

R. In 2010 you released your first solo mixtape, titled "Love, Death & A Straight Jacket". It's an impressive Kaleidoscope of tunes. tell us about the journey behind the making?
A.T. Love, Death & A straight Jacket was my first solo release. I recorded most of it in my room when I moved to Atlanta, but a couple songs were recorded at my school. All of the songs weren't mixed very well because it's pretty raw sound. That mixtape was basically a collection of songs I created up to that point in time. I always feel like I didn't have strong enough material before Love, Death, & A Straight Jacket.

R. As a young artist today, whats your view on how the industry has changed?
A.T. Numerous artist who have good material are getting overlooked by people who brand themselves. Who's to say if it's the artist being lazy or if there's something more, but I do know the industry is making it more likely  for Indie artist to get theirs without a major label for a while, which is good for a young entrepreneur like myself.

R. Your part of a iGeneration, do you think there is too much social media on today's youth?
A.T. I don't think that there's too much social media, i just think that people still need to have real relationships as well as that online presence. A lot of people let social media do all the work for them so they have those made up personas especially in entertainment. i know a couple of "artists" that play that role in the industry now.

R. Some of your musical influences are from an era you won't even born in. What attracts you to their music?
A.T. Honesty, Pain,Hunger, Love-Emotion. The music I'm interested in makes you feel, you aren't given a choice, but I can't feel it in music anymore.

R. When you're not sitting around writing your own songs, what artists/band do you chill out too?
A.T. I listen to all types of music: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Mos Def, Redman, Muddy Waters, The Temptations, Howling Wolf, Wu-tang, etc. Different sounds switch up my mood; however, an artist I never get tired of hearing would have to be Jimi Hendrix.

R. Whats on the agenda for your next project?
A.T. My next project is actually a three-part E.P. collaboration  with In-Doe, an artist I grew up with, and FLICK, my producer. The sound is ridiculous, and it should definitely turn some heads when it drops. My solo Album will be released in December.

Last but not Least...

R. Given all your musical influences, which artist would you choose to make an album with and what can the audience expect?
A.T. I've never really thought about it. I like making music with my team. I feel we have a sound that nobody can duplicate, and if you imitate it you'll fail. It's too real to fake. Therefore, I haven't really put much thought into making music with anyone else. If another artist in the industry wants to work, and if I like them and what they do, I'm going to work with them. If I don't like what they do musically, I won't. That's just how I work. Only expect the unexpected. I might drop hip-hop and make Rock music tomorrow. Nothing is pre-mediated, I just do what I feel.

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This dudes a problem...Get his mixtapes "Love death Str8 Jacket" and "Call me Tomorrow" ASAP!

This dude is a problem...Yall gotta check out his mixtapes "Love, Death, and a Straight Jacket" and "Call me Tomorrow" asap!

This dude is a problem! Check out his Mixtapes "Love, Death and a Straight Jacket" and "Call me Tomorrow" asap!