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Alexo Wandael is an international artist, with a passion for art and an eye for beauty. His images are a creative force for international brand names across the globe. Alexo Wandael studied photography and architecture at the University of Ferrarra, Italy. After practicing in Berlin and Los Angeles, he later moved to New York where he now resides. Alexo's work has been showcased in various exhibitions through Europe and the U.S. His work has also been added to the permanent collection of the FIT museum in NY. His work could be best described, at times hauntingly beautiful with many undertones of mood and intensity. He has just published his first photo book tilted Wandael Presents Wandael.

R. What is the power of photography?
AW. Photography is a fragment of reality and a fragment of fantasy mixed together by the creative of the photographer. Its power? It gives feelings, it makes you think, has the power to hit your heart and your brain at the same time.

R. You just published your first photo book, a collection of both your personal and professional work. What can you tell us about this?
AW.  I presented my work to an artist competition in Italy. In it I presented my work in Fashion, Fine Art and Reportage... The book came out and it's really amazing, I decided to print it on photo paper so basically you have a real "photo" book, with real photos.

R. In your own words describe the conflict that divides the commercial versus artistic photography? Do you enjoy one over the other?
AW. Well… it's a great battle… commercial photography has its rules and artistic photography doesn't have rules at all… In all art history I think we can see this battle going on… and nowadays the war is still present. There are great minds and visionaries that sometimes can unify the two, and I think in that moment we have something really special. I was born as the fine art photographer, while I was doing architecture, and I think you can see that in my photography (even in the commercial ones).

R. You have an Architecture background. What circumstances if any, led you to become a photographer?
AW. Last exam of architecture… History of contemporary art… Professor Di Puolo from Rome decided  to divide the class in 2 parts… contemporary art and BW photography… The journey started there… I did work as an architect for 7 years, but at the same time I was doing my fine art photography projects and exhibitions.

Last but not Least…

R. If you could Organize a dinner party with 4 artists/personalities (dead, alive, real, or fictional) who would they be?
AW. Nice question… and difficult one…
         1. Leonardo da Vinci, an immense mind, and I am sure he was a great cook too…
         2. Caravaggio, to give some turbulence at the party.
         3. Tamara de Lempicka, beautiful woman and beautiful art.
         4. Lillian Bassman, a muse for my work.

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