Extraordinary Visions

This week we wanted to present some captivating short films by some of the leading photographers who are now crossing over onto film and video. These emerging artists are dominating the world in visual imagery for international brand names. Their artistic ability to create fantasy and art, through the use of fashion has taken commercial branding to new heights.

Free Charlotte A film by Brian Kazez www.briankazez.com.ar

A trip of escapism, a chase of magic, a chance meeting in an explosion of colors; Looking for the unknown never looked so bright. Featuring our favorite pink hair model, Charlottte Free, FREE CHARLOTTE is a psychedelic trip within her psyche, searching for a soul mate to be realized and let free. Inspired by the cartoons of the 80’s, director Brian Kazez offers up an over-dose of electric colors and girlish fantasies, riding alongside our Rainbow Brite heroine as she searches to catch up with her imaginary soul mate. Caught between reality, bordering on fantasy, Kazez infuses the two worlds together as we ride with her to her ultimate haven. Brian Kazez born in Buenos Aires, is a 23 year old director and photographer. Kazez has had a prolific impact within the Argentian fashion industry. Starting off as a photographer and transitioning into film, the creative has already created exclusive films for brands such as Trosman, Complot, and Maria Cher.

Dia de los Muertos A film by Jenny Brough www.jennybrough.co.uk and www.tinydogfilms.com

The macabre day of the dead comes to life with a bewildering celebration of skeletal beauties. Drawing inspiration from the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, Brough depicts an explosion of colour, light, flowers and effigies of death. Brough is fast making a name for herself as a fashion director/photographer after only embarking on a professional career a year ago. Previous work impressed the photographic world with her stunning flower studies, focused on portraits of flowers. Teaming up with an old college friend at Tiny Dog Films, they are now starting to make fashion films together reaching a world wide audience. 

source: Imagine Fashion


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Great video's to watch... thanks for sharing.

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