A Thousand Colours

Houston, Texas native A Thousand Colours began 2013 with 3 nominations for the Texas Buzz Awards (Alternative Band of the Year, and Guitarist of the Year - Kenyon Saylor White). Comprised of former members of several heavy hitting bands in the South (Morningside Drive, The Finalist, Makeshifte, and American fangs to name a few), the band has already gained notoriety within the first year of its development.

The singer, Kenyon Saylor White, is the son of singer-songwriter Saylor White (known for recording with such Country Music legends as Lyle Lovett, Nancy Griffen, and European artists Calvin Russel). Spending his life brought up in a fog of Folk Festivals, open mic-nights, and singer-songwriter showcases, White learned his talent for guitar by ear at an early age. During his time in American Fangs he toured with known acts such as Sick Puppies, Hurt, Saul Williams, Deftones, Theory of a Deadman, 10 years, and more. He states A thousand Colours is What he'd like to think of as "the modest man's band". The group has no interest in the rock-n-roll lifestyle or super stardom, but wants to create music that "thrills us as songwriters for a living". Other notable accomplishments from band members include: Rick Graham (bassist) who performed at 2006 Lollapalooza, and  toured with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights, and played select dates on Taste of Chaos, SXSW, and Warped Tour; Doug Adams (drummer) played with The Finalist touring the US, recorded a full length album with legendary producer G.G. Garth, and was signed at the age of 18 to Maverick records.

This year the band will continue to tour regionally and locally making a lot of  noise on the circuit. Their Debut EP "The Come Around" will be available on Valentine's Day. After that, look forward for their second and third releases. They are already written as well as their musical path....

R.Straight of the bat, how does a song about come about for the band?
ATC. I suspect when it comes to the writing of our songs, there's no difference between us and any other artist. As a painter might have a theme in mind, they never really know the outcome until they start applying that first color to the canvas. In theory, I like to think our band operates the same way. Someone has an idea they like and they work on it by themselves until they are ready to bring it to the writing space, journal, canvas or what have you. Then that idea will go through the gauntlet. If the idea is good enough it makes out at the other end reborn. Initially we started this band off , with a pocketful of ideas. I had been holding on to, that didn't work in previous bands. Brought these ideas to the guys and they knew exactly what to do. That's what makes this band so wonderful to me. Paul is my devils advocate in a way. Or rather, he's my living role of that opposition you need when making creative decisions. 

On top of being a fabulous songwriter, guitar player, and singer, the guy is the wall I bounce most of my ideas of. And to be fair, the other guys do the same for me as well but for different reasons. As artists I think we all need that. Polarity mixed with respect, admiration's and friendship. We couldn't differ any more on political or religious ideals, even bands we like to listen to in our cars. But when we step into the practice room, or on stage all of that disappears. In through our differences we unite for one purpose. In all things of this nature I notice beauty in the world. Only if our government officials could work the same way. right? Personally, my favorite songs of ours have been written while we are all in the practice room, everyone in tune and lost in making lots of pretty noise.  Its so exciting to me to reach into the unknown and being open to hear the unexpected. And I believe in music as in life the pay off is that much richer when you are not afraid to do that.

R. How did each of your paths cross?
ATC. Whatever path you choose in life, its probably obvious that you'll meet like minded people along the way. When I started diving into the local Houston scene, crossing paths with these boys was inevitable. We were all in different bands then. I was in a rock group called Morningside Drive. We played shows everywhere and anywhere we could. And like the extended family you see every weekend we would reunite with our buddies at shows and after parties. Doug was in an incredible band called The Finalist that we toured and played with constantly. Really, an amazing band. Every guy in that group was and still is true talent. Its not only surprising but heart breaking about their story because they should have made it. They were the closest and the most primed and ready to true success. They are in true essence the living story of the fall on the music industry and how people can grow apart in a band. And on top of being one of my best friends this dude is in my band and killing it. Rick and I have what you could call a bromance. Lets just get that out of the way. From day one this guy has accepted me for who I am with out question. As he does with anyone he knows. I'm lucky to call him a friend and that he contributes his positive energy to this band. And to add to that pot, his musician ship is unmatched. Its almost too easy for him. He was one of those guys that was good enough he could have his pick of what band he played in. And listing those bands would give me carpal tunnel so I'll move on. Paul for me, was an experience really. I filled in on guitar in a band that both he and Rick were a part of called Lockehart. 

We all got along great but I never saw him shine until after he left Lockehart and Paul endeavored to do his own thing.  After seeing the first show where his talents were showcased I was blown away. I knew instantly I had to be in a band with him again. And in part he is responsible for saving my musical soul. Since I began playing in bands I leaned more towards what you would call grungy sounding hard rock. And as much as I loved and love it, the tie never quite matched the suit for me. I think he knew that and through polite southern recommendations and man swooning he reeled me in. As I hope you can tell by the music we make now, it was for the better. Lastly, Amos is our mystery man. Beyond the souls he awakens with his keyboard and piano playing, he is possibly the brightest talent in the band. And the most illusive. I am patiently waiting for him to step into the light. Among other things that need only to walk the path, lets just leave the dance floor open for him on this one and move on.

R.Who are some of your musical influences?
ATC. My music influences immediately start with my late, great and beautiful father, Saylor White. There's not much justice I can do for him with words, I would rather invite you to look him up. Anything I've picked up from art, music and coexisting with other people on this planet starts from him. Past the usual roll call of Tom Petty, The Beatles and even Pantera. I find myself listening and searching for less mainstream music. American Fangs is not only a band I used to be in but still one of my favorite rock bands ever. They are local to Houston also but be sure you'll see more of them soon. TheLastPlaceYouLook, Recovery Room, BLACKIE,  add to that list as well. Houston is has been flowering with talent lately and by listing only a few I leave so many out. As I spoke before about the differences among the members in A Thousand Colours, musical influences really takes the cake. They vary so drastically sometimes that I can imagine us making a playlist for the apocalypse. More than just other artists though, most of my musical influence is fueled on what I witness in the world. Random acts of love, destruction, And the over all struggle of the human condition. The world will never run out of song.

R.What's your view on where the music industry is today?
ATC. I started attacking this question with a little more vigor than I think is appropriate.. After consideration I'd like to state this with a spice of hope instead. I view the music industry currently as parents in a family going through divorce. A relationship broken by to many years of bad choices and people trying to meet their needs in possibly unsuitable ways. And everyone else suffers for them. We along with so many other amazing artists I think are just the kids in this large family hoping there's enough room at the table when it comes time for Christmas dinner.

R.What can the audience expect to hear from your debut album "The Come Around?"
ATC. Our audience can expect to be pulled in all directions. Just as we were trying to pick the songs to be on this release. We write such a wide variety of styles that I feel we might be trying to get the initial shock of who we are out of the way with this EP. As we are still writing and growing as a band, I expect our sound to make many turns. Consider this EP to be the crossroads before the next journey. Because we dont know where we are going either.

Last but not Least...

R. At last minute you've been called by the TV bigwigs from the Superbowl. They're closing artists has canceled and they want "A Thousand Colours" to close of the game. What song would you sing to make it memorable for everyone?
ATC. I would choose a song we wrote called "The River" that will be on our second EP.Through that I could tell the world how wonderful being a part of my dads life was, because I think the world deserves to witness true love from time to time.

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