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Originally from France and the Netherlands, married couple Steve and Sam founded Sinner Sinners in 2009. The first album "Cardinal Sins" (produced by Nic Jodoin and Pascal Mondaz) was released in 2011 and featured appearances from many affiliated bands such as The Morlocks, Time Again, The Elderberries, Cocoon. The album artwork was designed by world renowned tattoo artist Dan Smith (Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo). The band relocated in Los Angeles the same year and have been touring on both sides of the Atlantic, sharing the stage with bands such as The Sonics, The Lords of Altamont, The Morlocks, The Creepshow and many more. The Duo is currently working on their second album this year. 2013 will see the band with gigs at this summers hottest festivals.

R. How did you two first meet?
SS. We met when we were both in two different junior high schools in France, when we were 15years old. We've been together since the day we met, it was 11 year ago.

R. Your first album "Cardinal Sins" was a huge success and very loud I must say. How did your collaboration with producers Nic Jodoin and Pascal Mandaz come about?
SS. We've definitely tried to make it sound as loud as we could considering most of the guitar and bass tracks were recorded in our apartment. It must have been a blast for our neighbors. Pascal "Power" Mondaz is a close friend, we go way back, when we started the band it was obvious that when we were going to record he was gonna be the guy. We met Nic Jodoin when he was on tour in France back in 2007 with his band the Morlocks. We became friends and when we did our first tour on the West Coast we stopped by his studio to complete the album, being able to work with such great producers is pretty awesome. Actually we're working on our new album right now and Nic is producing it, Pascal also worked on it from France.

R. In terms of the songwriting, who writes the songs and what are they about?
SS. We write everything much the same way. I start a guitar or bass riff and then we work around it. When we're set on what the instrumental is gonna be we start working on the lyrics. On the first album we didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. In France nobody really cares about the lyrics if it's in English, as long as the melody works its fine. Now that we live in L.A it's much more important, here lyrics matter. The new songs we've been working on are mostly about stuff that piss us off, it's much easier to express ourselves now that we've been surrounded by the language for almost 3 years.

R. Who are some of your musical influences?
SS. We see it this way - giving away our influences would be liking away a magic trick.We prefer to let you listen to it without any expectations and try to find out who we steal from. But like any french person lets say Edith Piaf.

R. You are currently working on your second album, do you have a title as yet? What can the audience expect to hear in terms of the music production?
SS. OK. we have weird thug going with the number eleven, we see it everywhere. Pretty much every time we both look at the time it's??:11, so there you have it. In terms of production we spent a lot more time working these songs, it sounds bigger, louder, faster, angrier, heavier, better and a lot of those adjectives that end with "er". It's also a lot different.

Last but not Least…

R. What animated cartoon describes you guys individually and why?
SS. Pépé le Pew and Penelope of course!

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