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Blair Late who hails from Odessa, Texas is an American solo pop singer, songwriter, actor, and television presenter (on such shows as The Opinionator and Late in the Morning with Blair Late). He is also a principal cast member on season 1of Bravo' reality television series, Newlyweds: The First Year (2013). His early start was singing on the "Tommy Tune Tonight Show." He studied at the Stagedoor Manor  and took part in various theatrical productions ("The Sound of Music", "42nd Street", and Aladdin"), winning three separate awards: Grand Champion Award, Best Commercial Award, and Best Talent Award. After graduating from high school in 2000, he moved from Texas to California and studied drama at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

He next moved to New York City, and in 2002, he auditioned for casting for the boy band B3. Out of over 800 candidates, he was chosen to fill position left vacant when Rod Michael Koch left the band. This made Late the third new member alongside B'3s original member: Timothy Andrew Cruz and John Steven Sutherland. B3 was signed to BMG Germany and disbanded in December 2004. Afterwards , Late built a solo singing career in addition to presenting television celebrity and lifestyle programs. He also blogs at "Blair Late: Confessions from a Retired Pop Star".

As of 2010, Late is a regular contributor to Australia's The Morning Show and occasional contributor to Sunrise as an entertainment reporter out of Los Angeles. Additionally, he and his significant other, Jeff Pedersen, are featured as principal cast members on the Bravo television docu- series, Newlyweds: The First Year, which Premiered in May 2013. When not singing or hosting he is focusing on on his new luxury cardigan line for men and women, Crest and Letters, a modern day throw back to the American lettermen jackets of the 50's Amongst other things Late has recently just released his first single as a solo artist, "Love Calling" with catchy lyrics and upbeat tempos... Late has a diverse resume and continues to find new ways to evolve himself, as a leading entertainer on a global level. We caught up with Late from his home in LA to have a little téte to téte...

R. First of all, congratulations on your first solo single "Love Calling". Tell us a little, what's behind the song.
BL. I decided to surprise Jeff, my then fiance, with a love song for our first dance at our Savannah wedding. What started out as a mid tempo love song also morphed into a Dance/Pop track that has been released on itunes and is currently top 10 amongst various club DJ's through out the US and UK! The lyrics tell the story of how we met, how he changed my life and how in love I am with him!

R. Through the years you've performed on many stages and and with different acts. What significant moment would you say has been a highlight?
BL. Hmmmm where do I start? Sharing the stage with everyone from Cool and The Gang, Kelly Clarkson, Patti LaBelle, Broadway Star Tommy Tune, Blue, Ricky Martin has been an absolute dream come true… but I would say my favorite on stage performance was the final show on the B3 farewell tour. It was our final concert after 3 years of performing together, thousands of fans joined us for a very heart wrenching yet beautiful full of joy and memories!

R. You've had an interesting journey so far, but something that stood out is that your a host on  Australia's "The Morning Show". I should confess that I'm a proud Aussie. Tells us what's it like working with the folks down under? Have you had the pleasure to visit Australia? What about our slags and lingo? Have you nailed it Mate?
BL. HA!  Congrats on being an Aussie! Some of the BEST people on earth! I have truly loved every minute working for Channel 7 and have learned a lot been able to mold my hosting skills to perfection. I have not been down under yet as I am waiting for an official invite but I hopefully will somebody SOON! I was just teased by Kochie and Mel for miss pronouncing Melbourne, so I still have a ways to go!

R. This month you took a giant leap when you and your partner joined Bravo's television doc-series, Newlyweds: The First Year. What prompted you to put your entire life on national television?
BL. To have the chance to share my life, my husband, my personality and show the world gay couples go through the exact same struggles as everyone else has been an absolute pleasure! I am a HUGE fan of Bravo and they have been known to help launch some huge careers, so to be a part of that, pop culture and a gay marriage advocate all led me to doing this show!

R. Now with such a diverse and colorful background. Who are some of the artists or icons that inspire you?
BL. Well, as you can see on Episode Three of our show, Whitney Houston has always been one of my BIGGEST inspirations!!! I have ALWAYS LOVED HER, no pun intended! I also always loved Tommy Tune, Liza Minnelli and Carol Channing (my musical theatre peeps!).  I also adore Britney Spears, I have just always had a thing for her… The Spice Girls, (I even styled MEL B for a time), and Jerry Lee Lewis (very random…). I also look up to Kathie Lee Gifford, Ellen, Ryan Seacrest and Andy Cohen! Lastly I am kind of obsessed with some of the Real Housewives… but that is more of my guilty pleasure!

R. You've recently launched your first clothing line "Crest and Letters". What is the fascination with the 50s American letter jackets?
BL. I have ALWAYS been obsessed with fashion and my "POV" (point of view) has always been uber preppy, american, classic and chic! The style of ALL Ralph Lauren collections and then in movies like "Pleasantville" and tv shows like "Gossip Girl" hit a chord in me !!! I also LOVE college football and how people take their teams and game attire very seriously… so the marriage of preppy fashion and football attire were a natural fit when creating these letterman cardigans.

R. What else is on the horizon?
BL. I would LOVE to become the first male panelist on THE VIEW or The TALK  or work as a host an American Morning Show. That is my next goal. In the meantime I am crossing my fingers that my cardigans sale, the show continues to succeed and grow and people continue to give me a chance! We shall see. This industry is crazy and you have to always be prepared for the unexpected. So I never say never~!

Last but not Least...

R. If you could organize a dinner party with 4 artists/personalities (dead, alive, real, fictional) who would they be?
BL. Little Eddie Beale (from Grey Gardens), Jacqueline Susann (author  of Valley of the Dolls), Elle Woods (character from Legally Blonde) and "Minnie Jackson (character from book/movie "The Help") NOW THAT would be a NIGHT to remember!

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