Rebecca Madden

Review: Allow me to start with a cliché - Boy meets girl...Take what and as you will from there but please read further so I may finally illustrate why this cliché is my starting point.We are privileged to meet and write for and of so many artists here at R360. But a good artist is not always one under the TV spotlight. And those who inspire us now fall behind a veil of "Clubhouse beats."My "boy meets girl" is just how this happened. Sporadic and unplanned. No venue of particular interest or importance.A busker in an open area, a person with a voice that rang so sweet that even the world around her took a moment in thought.And so did I, As I did the meet and greet to discover how and why she does what she does I trembled in awe and confusion of how what I'd seen defied my minds understanding. Her name, Rebecca Madden.

Madden a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Hertfordshire, UK. Loving music from an early age, she began playing the piano and cello at 7, later picking up the guitar at 13. Starting with poetry, Rebecca began song-writing at around 15, drawing inspiration from artists such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and Tracy Chapman. Her sound is acoustic-folk with a somewhat country twang and listeners are often surprised by the power and depth of her voice in comparison to her size! 

Whilst at university, studying English and Creative Writing, she really found her feet performing in public, playing at acoustic nights and the iconic Hull music venue, The Adelphi. She can now be found busking most weekends, wherever she happens to be in the country, and making her way around the London/Herts open-mic and music scene. Her songs can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud and, as of very recently, YouTube.

Rebecca Madden has a voice that will reach so far into your being that it shall gracefully haunt you in times of thought and reflection. As she sings the sound and feeling wrap themselves around your heart to comfort and support you. For the entire show you feel safe, calm and when the show ends, though her melodies linger you feel you've lost something so incredibly important and precious that you have to go and see her again...It is too much for words, but once you see it live you will FEEL what I mean to say.

To hear and learn more about Rebecca Madden go to:
Rebecca Madden Music

Featured Writer: Jamez Kirby