Animal Years

Review: Animal Years are the perfect mix of pop and traditional folk.Following their twitter feed I can easily see why people state that "once you start listening you'll find yourself unable to stop." That statement in itself saves me a lot of writing to sell and promote this band so everything written hereafter is because I want to write it to get it out there rather than my need to.In the last decade roots folk has made a storming comeback from coast to coast, the best example would be Mumford and Sons raging recording of "Little Lion Man" closely followed by the works in the same year of Noah and the Whale. I have seen in recent days of open mics Americans and Canadians on these rolling English Fields playing the same sort of music in the same tones and accents.

I don't know what it is but Folk has re-rooted itself as an organic superpower in the media. Now Animal Years are Folk but they have taken the seeds sown by those who revived the movement and made the structure and sound more attractive, more relative and easier on the ear. From proud and enjoyable performances to high quality musicianship on their recordings, there isn't a moment where you don't find yourself enjoying the addition of Americana to the Folk mix.The closest example of their Americana/pop style would be the Sister Hazel "before the amplifiers" album which is art in motion to itself. Now take that compliment, multiply it by my earlier references and enjoy the outcome of the equation. I cannot stress the enjoyment found within a band as finely honed on their self developed genre as Animal Years. They're a welcome change to an old style and a perfect compliment to my play-list of people who matter. Highly recommended!

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By: Jamez Kirby