Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Most Influential People of 2013

R360 announces its most influential people of 2013. From artists, bands, icons, singers, songwriters and visionaries, these talented individuals are: The Contenders, The Shakers, The Generation and The Visionaries of our time.

     Mark PanickRichie RamoneMarco Argiro. Dan GodlinDavid LaneLeroy MillerXander Smith.

   American Fangs. Mystic Underground.TAM Lin. Slim Wray. Animal Years. Cold Blood Club. Graveyard Lovers. 

    Xenia Ghali. Jazz Mills. Poova Plachciak. Rebecca Madden. Mojo JuJu. Astraea. Tarah Who? 

   BECHA. Chris Fisher. Lauren Rudolph. Lorenzo Mascherpa. Guim TiĆ² Zarraluki. Matt Walford.

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