The Backyard Committee

Review:There is a sound reminiscent of the smooth running sound of 70's/80's Folk/Pop. A sound to remind you of the outdoor festival sunshine and simple free and easy living amongst the crashing waves of the economical organ grinder we know as work. And with that outdoor sunshine in mind I proudly present The Backyard Committee. In a nut shell I would condense an analogy to Dylan meets The Beatles with decorative flecks of the Small Faces.

My admiration of Backyard Committee's work comes from the fact they give you no more than you want or need. there's no need for the self fulfilling of talent that we see and hear so much with countless bands. There are no screaming cries for attention from the vocals, no over powering pounding of percussion and no sellout soloing from the strings. Everything is just as it should be and I humbly state that only a fool would ask for more. I am privileged to find and hear so many revivals go The Backyard Committee takes my personal first place. All that is missing in my opinion is the gentle crackle from hearing their soothing and relative words roll off of a vinyl pressing, because if you're going to indulge in the "Golden Age" of modern music, you've gotta do it the way it was done then... And these guys do their part impeccably.

Musically, as stated, the balance of musicianship is tailored for the band’s character but I have to mention the great application of musical theory in their uses of modulation. Barely noticeable amongst the fluidity of their works but ever present, this adds with ease the need for knowledge of The Backyard Committee. Nothing prides me more than to not only hear good musicians, but to also notice a firm grasp on what makes the beauty of what music is. I will buy their works, I have no doubt, but that is my opinion… So I encourage the readers now to see for themselves whether I am right or wrong…Regardless of outcome I hope you enjoy the auditory ride their festival provides.

Festival, the band's second release, is a cohesive record that explores a multitude of genres including bluegrass, rock, and pop. Hailed by Oomph Music Blog as "a hodge-podge that actually works," The Backyard Committee breaks the mold by shifting genres as often as they do band mates. Keep an eye out for more from The Backyard Committee and listen to their latest single "Festival". out now!

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The Backyard Committee

By;Jamez Kirby