Keeton Coffman

Review: Take a second... Or a few. What does it take for someone to feel the need to sing? And again what does it take for them to follow that need further to actually do it? And lastly, how does one become their own musician and songwriter? From big band days to those of thought and solo acoustic intimacy… Keeton Coffman is a man who can and will open his heart to tell you these things. Not only through interviews and straight talking of his travels through music but from the words and dynamics within his music as well. There is a sincere honesty within his volume and tone of voice and this holds you to the melodies he accompanies with. To see a soul played across acoustic strings is always a treat, but to see it done well is a privilege. Further more, to see the performer lost in the music as you are in their performance is a shared, beautiful experience. It is a true sign of the mutual love and need of the art and celebration of its form.

I found myself mystified within moments of watching Keeton begin to play, for a second the music didn't really matter as he moved with his sounds. When my ears surpassed the visual hypnosis of his performance and I cross referenced his recordings I took note of the greater talent he holds within.The man has a sincere talent for word play. All the hooks and structure to that you would find in the folk/pop genre but with the relative decorative precision of the poetic greats such as Burns and Shelly. There is no no call confusion between what sounds good to say and what is meant to be said but simply the talent of saying what is needed well.

Why is this important? Because it creates a greater bond between the artist and audience, it develops a relationship what will ensure growth and interest. And you know where you (as the listener) stand in your shared world of music with the artist.

I feel as though Keeton's words are ones that will stand with the audience for their days to come rather than the throw away ramblings of current hits in the same genre. But there is a more charming aspect of the man's words and music.Though there is great finesse and talent in his writing, singing and playing along with the captivating power of his live performance... It has a raw edge. An almost intentional scuff upon his well polished talent. It is Emotion.This edge not only makes him more relatable but introduces a proud factor of "this is who I am!" And this ladies and gentlemen holds the key to true musicianship as allowing that edge shows a humanity rather than an ego. This is not a man set out to play to take in thousands of dollars but a man who plays to reach as much as one person. For the soul and passion. I will happily state that this isn't my usual type of review... Keeton Coffman was not something I expected to find. I sat, I watched and I listened. 

This is ultimately what I found... A man with his ear to the pulse of an art forms whilst raising and nurturing his own. So please, take a second... Or a few to discover a man who songs as we all should... From within. His new EP Stumble On Love is out now and available on for download on iTunes.

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By: Jamez Kirby