Review: Three musicians, three instruments and one love of music. Sounds pretty much all that you need. And if it's good enough for these three to sit down and play as they are, then it's more than good enough to listen too. So allow me to introduce Stonefeather. I will draw your attention first to their new song "Loveland." From it's introduction audiences could be fooled into thinking that Stonefeather are a short step from a 1950's feel good pop trio. A couple more bars and we hear a true raw Rock/Blues with traits of Hendrix chords and singing. The misdirection of expectation allows the listener to stumble over themselves and fall deeper into the music through their curiosity... And when it comes to the discovery of music, curiosity is forever the greatest ingredient to entice new listeners and hold on to those that already are. It is good to see the ageless three piece approach to music continues in modern days. Stonefeather embrace this approach and flex it to their own dynamic. Be it electrified or even acoustic... Even spoken word which their song "My Love" demonstrates perfectly.

If you're more a fan of listening than you are watching you will find Stonefeather online awaiting your click of the play button, but I will encourage you to take a look at their visual media too. Allow that previously mentioned curiosity to lead you to some of their sweet little extras that are very much worth taking time out for. I'm willing to say that given a little time for your discovery, even with Stonefeathers, these guys can fly high in estimations. Highly Recommended! The track Loveland is available Here.

To hear and learn more about Stonefeather go to:
Stonefeather Music

UK. Correspondent
Jamez Kirby