The Dirty Jacks

Review: Have you ever experienced that moment where the world seems slower, calmer, brighter and regardless the circumstance you can't help but smile. Maybe after an successful interview, finding that other half of yourself in someone else or maybe even after a good night with those you adore. Well, I am writing now to tell you that The Dirty Jacks have composed and produced a single just for your entertainment to accompany and enhance these moments. The track is called "God I've Never Felt This Nice."And how can I add to that? An all encompassing title for all positive and reflective moments. I won't lie in stating that I have never listened to the Dirty Jacks before but I found the introduction reminiscent of Toto and Eric Johnson. Which aided a small smirk of satisfaction.

The surprise was in the vocals. How can I describe it? SR-71 meets Owl City or Motion City Soundtrack. Just truly honest vocals. The lyricism reminded me of a more indie take of Noah and the whale. No lyrics too taxing but simply soothing metaphor and familiar poetic symmetry. It is a song for those moments of actualisation. Comforting, reassuring and encouraging the audience. The subtle verses, memorable chorus, ambient instrumentation and indie flare behind the vocals convey a range of emotion but it all comes neatly compressed in this track. A song for you, from them, for the moments where just "feeling good" doesn't quite cut it.

Their single God I've Never Felt This Nice is available here

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Anonymous said…
The Dirty Jacks are a musically gifted group with the ability to stretch their talent to the max - they never disappoint.