A Million Pieces

After emerging on the national music scene in 2011 with features on MTVU and MTV2, alternative rock band A MILLION PIECES has found a unique sound, hugging a line between the mainstream and indie worlds. Put together with an electrifying live show, the A MILLION PIECES has created a brand of music that has defined and unified them as a group.

With members hailing from around the United States, the band’s origins are more than slightly eccentric. In the fall of 2011 after rotating different members, founder and guitar player Peter Vanderloos began writing a series of demos with drummer Lucas Gordon while living in Billings, MT. and Denver, CO. respectively. After a stint in Los Angeles auditioning singers, Vanderloos recruited Graham Fenton as front man for the band during a chance encounter at an LA pizza restaurant. Fenton was working as a singing waiter while on hiatus from his lead role in the Grammy award-winning Broadway show Jersey Boys in Las Vegas. Fenton seized the opportunity to join A MILLION PIECES.

For the better part of a year, Vanderloos and Gordon traveled back and forth from their hometowns to Los Angeles to meet Fenton for songwriting, rehearsals, and studio time. A full lineup would eventually fall into place as the trio formed a close friendship with LA transplant and bassist Brad Crowell, all sharing early influence from 80’s era rock acts Queen and Genesis.

Following sold-out performances at the House of Blues (Anaheim), the Key Club (Los Angeles), and the Blue Bird Theatre (Denver), A MILLION PIECES would continue the writing process by transferring files electronically amongst the band members until enough songs were written to record the Supernatural EP. In early 2013 the band garnished radio attention after releasing their single, ‘Take It Or Leave It’ from the EP, which has been added to radio in multiple cities – topping charts in Las Vegas. Shortly thereafter, A MILLION PIECES inked a publishing deal with Stampede/Cashmere Music and has recently released a music video for the EP’s single. The Supernatural EP is available worldwide.

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