Nina Yasmineh

Singer- Songwriter Nina Yasmineh releases her new EP Finest Hour. Yasmineh adds newness and depth to the singer-songwriter niche by juxtaposing catchy melodies with soulful vocals and dark lyrical content. Nina is on the forefront of a new era of female indie artists among the ranks of Lorde and Sky Ferreria, with a unique sound that is breathy, elegant and captivating Finest Hour comes Highly Recommended!

Nina, a longtime singer, pianist and guitarist who has been writing her own songs since age 12, showcases her artistic maturity through her meticulously crafted, yet effortless songs. Originally from Minneapolis, Nina now hails from NYC. Nina recorded her first EP and full-length album at the Brewhouse Studios in her hometown, both of which laid the groundwork for her current signature sound. In 2009, Nina moved to NYC to study at New York University. While there, she performed around the city at framed venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and The Living Room, establishing a name for herself as one of New York's freshest local talents. The rest as they say, is history...

Finest Hour is out now available Here

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