Dec 9, 2014


R360 spent many hours turning the tables on what has been an exciting year of-heartbreaking songs, psychedelic blues, blunt pop, electro soundscapes, country/folk, to the more encompassing lyrics and sounds of rock 'n' roll. These polls always vote the top 10 or 50 albums for the year. We admit, there were arguments as emotions were raised and music opinions exchanged. But after much debate, we decided to go for an odd (even) number of 16 most influential albums of 2014.

Luke Elliot - Provisions
Justin Dzuban - Shakedown
Bill Madden - New Religion

Boroko - BOROKO
The Cherry Drops -Everything Groovy

Keeton Coffman - The Ghost
Kai  Altair - Shadow Dance
Polaris Rose - Ocean Songs 

Kent Odessa - Physical Genius
Chase Coy  - SUN CULTURE
Rae DiLeo - Meridian Dream 
Kenny Scott/Kate Lynne Logan - Back Bar Angel 

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Madelynn Elyse said...

This is awesome!