Jake McMullen

Photo: Mikaela Hamilton
Release: Born and raised in California, McMullen later to Nashville to pursue a career in songwriting. At the young age of twenty-one, McMullen is already an accomplished songwriter and experienced performer, having toured extensively on the west coast. 

Jake moved to Nashville to pursue his passion for songwriting as a solo artist. In the past, he fronted the rock act York and released a split EP with Ellex Bree. Drawing influences from James Vincent McMorrow, The National, Ben Howard and Bon Iver, McMullen strives to create honest, relatable songs, unafraid to show vulnerability. 

Crafting his songs this way doesn't mean Jake lives there perpetually, in the trenches, defining the trials we face as untreatable. His songs are his way out. he's telling us that he's a realist and ultimately an optimist, but that sometimes we as humans can't understand why we feel a certain way, or articulate what it is listeners to an immediate and unexpected self dialogue; to introspection. they force one to go to the place within themselves where they wouldn't normally go, the place that draws out the tough questions we have for ourselves, but have neglected to ask.
McMullen has just released the his highly anticipated video for his latest single "Always" (recently featured on ( Folk Radio UK and Culture Collide ) from his EP.


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