Steven Colyer

(Los Angeles) Los Angeles-based musician Colyer's has just released his video for his single "Lost In Your Love". When speaking about the video Colyer says,“Myself and director Naomi Christie both knew from the get-go that this video had to be underwater.  We wanted to convey the nature of rapt love.  When you’re infatuated with someone, time and space become skewed and everything moves in slow motion.  It’s pure hypnosis and you’re beautifully captive." "Lost In Your Love" is out now.

Steven Colyer, known as Colyer is a uniquely versatile artist. Not only a singer/songwriter but a multi-instrumentalist and producer as well. His lyrics honest, his sound raw, Colyer dishes out songs deep from within his soul with passionate vibrancy. Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and now in Los Angeles, Colyer has been crafting his album one single at a time. Silver vocals with soulful grooves and old school flares, in a fresh fashion he proves that rock n' roll still has a soul.

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