Andy Pratt

Photo Credit: Phil Goldman
(New York) Chicago singer-songwriter Andy Pratt has released his solo debut titled Horizon Disrupted. It was engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago and incorporates elements of Americana, jazz, and folk with stylistic nods to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Bill Callahan.
“Andy Pratt (Not That One)”

-Steve Albini

This is what was scribbled with a sharpie pen onto a CD of mixes handed to Andy on July 16th, 2016. After receiving an email from Pratt in January of the same year, legendary recording engineer Steve Albini quickly realized that he was not dealing with the Boston rock icon of the ‘70s, but a new & different Andy Pratt.

Photo Credit: James Martin

As a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter & photographer, Pratt loves the fuzz, blur, grain, & beautiful imperfections of live music and art. With an affinity for analog recording, vintage instruments, film cameras, string quartets, & brooding melodies, his music lives within a modern impressionist world of his own creation.

Pratt sings with a dry vocal and a touch of vibrato unaltered by any synthetic effects. He saves most of the reverb for his guitar. He is a storyteller who sings to clearly evoke a mood, space or time. He brings his listeners into the world he’s created.

The winter of 2017 found Pratt preparing for the spring release of his debut record, Horizon Disrupted. After handing his band members a few solo demos that he recorded on a 4-track Tascam cassette recorder, he knew that he’d want the same tape/analog sound on the final product. Pratt naturally sought out Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago and asked him to track and mix the album. Horizon Disrupted is a collection of eight haunting songs written over the past five years. The topics dig deep into love, sex, relationships and an overall sense of longing for what could lie ahead. The album features a vocals/guitar, bass, & drums trio, augmented by a string quartet on six of the eight selections. With the music, lyrics, arrangements, and artwork for the album all created by Pratt, there is a cohesive thread that ties these elements together, proving they are one and the same.

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