(Philadelphia, PA) “Open up my eyes so I can see the way to go” is the opening line of “Trouble”, the stunning lead-single from the enigmatic Philadelphia songsmith Conventioner. With these prophetic words, Conventioner invites the listener to a world that is gentle, tender, and intensely personal. “Trouble” possesses that effortless ability to transport the audience to another universe. Conventioner’s simple, enchanting voice seemingly floats on top of delicate ivory strokes only hinged to reality by the heartbeat of a scooped kick drum. Produced and performed in its entirety by the Philly artist, this ethereal track succeeds in showing us exactly “the way to go”.     

James Chester, the artist behind the project, hails from Jacksonville, FL. He grew up playing in church and in various bands, surrounded by gospel music and the classic rock of the south. By the time he reached college, Chester’s family had relocated to the Philadelphia area, and he found a love for pop and electronica. The Conventioner project was born in late night producing sessions, as Chester wrestled with a bout of writer’s block and experimented with beats, filters, and samples.

In 2015, Conventioner released his debut EP Legacy, with the song “Trouble” immediately catching fire with the Soundcloud community. Now, James is preparing to release a follow up to Legacy later in the Fall. Check out the link to hear “Trouble”, and stay tuned for his brand-new single “Never Breaking” - out later this Summer! 

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